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Improve your productivity, add more value to your medical products and enhance patient comfort. Explore how 3M medical adhesives, films, fasteners and other medical components can meet the unique needs of your patients and medical device manufacturing applications.

  • Patients deserve to lead their everyday lives without being restricted by daily visits to the doctor. With 3M's continuous health monitoring solutions, you can enable them to conveniently record their conditions, wellness and progress in their own homes. 

  • Get customised solutions for the construction of your medical diagnostic devices. Whether it's a double-sided spacer tape, printable cover tape or fluid transport technology, we can help determine the best materials for your blood glucose test strips, lateral flow assays or diagnostic devices.

  • Building your next generation of feature-rich medical devices can be a complex process. By getting 3M involved in the development stage, you can tap into our expertise and wide range of medical-grade materials. It's technology with a personal touch.

  • You see them almost everywhere – temporary tattoos spreading smiles at a child’s birthday party; bandages guarding small scrapes; sports tape protecting athletes during intense competitions. Whether you’re already selling stick-to-skin products, or are just considering getting into this market, we can help you select the ideal adhesive components for your retail applications.

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  • How do you choose the best way to attach one substrate to another — especially if that “other” is a human being? How can you make wearable medical devices smaller and more flexible, so patients can be monitored from the comfort of their own homes? How can you improve the speed and accuracy of diagnostic devices?

    These are questions best answered while your device is still on the drawing board. And that’s where 3M can help.

Careful selection of quality materials during the concept stage can reduce the risk of delays late in the development process. With 3M, you can get technical, design-in expertise right from the start – making your materials selection process faster, easier and smarter.