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From wound dressings to fashion tapes, use skin-friendly 3M adhesives for your retail consumer products.

Retail Consumer Applications

Medical adhesives that make your retail products stick.


Reliable, Skin-Friendly Adhesives for Your Retail Applications

  • You see them almost everywhere: temporary tattoos spreading smiles at a child’s birthday party. Bandages guarding small scrapes. Sports tape protecting athletes during intense competitions. With low barriers to entry and virtually limitless applications, the retail stick-to-skin market is a good choice for companies looking to expand.

    In the stick-to-skin retail market, balancing product safety and functionality is crucial in building brand trust. Use 3M's wide range of medical tape, adhesive and film components to strike the ideal balance of customer safety and satisfaction. Our decades of experience enable us to help you choose the adhesives and backings that make the most sense for your applications.

    Here are just a few examples of common retail application areas: fashion tape or artificial nails, personal care like wigs or first aid, sports tape, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Using medical adhesives for your retail stick-to-skin products

  • Skin can react to many things that it comes in contact with. This is why any adhesive used for skin contact should be tested for biocompatibility to help reduce the risk of skin irritation.

    Learn more about the advantages of using medical adhesives for your retail stick-to-skin applications.

Learn more about retail consumer adhesives

Selecting the right adhesive is essential in building trust for your brand if you're in the retail stick-to-skin business. Get in touch with us for support in materials selection and recommendations, product design, where-to-buy information and more.

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