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Body Worn Medical Adhesives

  • Design different types of hypoallergenic hydrocolloid and surgical wound dressings using 3M double sided medical-grade tape.

    Skin-friendly adhesives for body worn medical devices

    Formulating and applying adhesives has been a core 3M technology since we started business in 1902. Today, 3M Medical Materials and Technologies offers a wide range of medical tape, adhesive and film components used by medical device manufacturers around the world.

    3M's comprehensive line of medical materials enables the right balance of product performance and patient comfort. Our materials include "skin-friendly" adhesives intended for direct patient contact and more aggressive tapes for device adhesion.

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Find the right body worn medical adhesive

Need help finding the right body-worn medical adhesive? Contact us for support in materials selection and recommendations, product design, where-to-buy information and more.

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