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Need support with the design and development of your breakthrough medical device products? We're ready to offer quality solutions and help with your go-to-market strategy.

Medical Device Development

Harness 3M's expertise in your medical device development.


Technologies and Materials for Medical Device Innovations

  • For over 50 years, hospitals and clinics around the world have trusted 3M's medical device components for their health care applications. Our medical-grade adhesive tape and film components are used in the manufacture of professional wound care dressings, device attachments, strappings and more.

    Whatever development stage you’re at, we are ready to give you the support you need to accelerate your speed to market. Our experts can help you select the best options for your design and offer solutions to improve device reliability, enhance performance and reduce costs.

  • Nonwoven Tapes

    Provide excellent conformability and breathability for extended wear applications or therapeutic devices. Printable options are available to display your brand.

  • Hydrocolloid Adhesives

    The best options for “skin-friendly” attachment. Hydrocolloid adhesives are gentle to the skin over longer wear durations, provide skin hydration, and easily release from the skin. Due to their thickness, they also provide a comfortable cushioning effect.

  • Film Tapes

    Tapes in this category range from breathable to occlusive and gentle to aggressive adhesion in both single and double-coated versions. Printable options are available.

  • Film & Accessories

    Vapour barrier films and hydrophilic films for liquid transport, release liners and plastic coated wire tapes.

  • Foam Tapes

    A soft, cushioning yet conformable alternative to film and nonwoven tapes. Being of thicker caliper, foam tapes enable easy attachment to flanges or skin. PVC foams are more conformable than polyethylene foams.

Learn more about medical device development

Medical device development can be a complex process. Get in touch with us for support in materials selection and recommendations, product design, where-to-buy information and more.

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