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Diabetes Management Products

Design safe and reliable diabetes management devices.

  • Medical-Grade Components That Are Safe for Diabetic Skin

    When you are constructing medical devices for diabetic patients, 3M has the perfect mix of resources to support your design and regulatory challenges. Our long-standing reputation for innovation, combined with the way we build quality into every product, makes us the partner of choice with device manufacturers worldwide.

    With decades of health care device experience, our team of scientists and engineers understand diabetes management products and speak your language. Be it blood glucose test strips or lab-on-a-chip applications, we'll translate your device design needs into a solution.

  • Hydrophilic films

    Fluid transport films comprise specialty coatings and materials to enable efficient fluid flow through capillary channels. 3M Surfactant-Free Hydrophilic Technology offers a chemically inert solution to minimise the potential for test inference and bias. 3M hydrophilic films offer excellent transparency with low auto-fluorescence designed for optical assay performance.

  • Adhesives & Spacer Tapes

    3M pressure sensitive adhesive technologies are engineered for low build-up of residue in high-volume die-cutting operations. These adhesives and tapes are manufactured to tight thickness specifications and contain low levels of volatiles that facilitate compatibility with your chemistry.

  • Substrates & Films

    A variety of specialty materials and substrates for your microfluidic device solutions, such as engineered membranes, polyester films, coatings, engineered fluids, and more.

  • Structured Materials

    Precisely-shaped, micro-replicated three-dimensional surface structures that are incorporated onto a continuous substrate. This enables a new dimension of physical, chemical and optical properties at large manufacturing scale. Examples include channels for fluid transport or wicking, as well as high-density microarrays and well structures for advanced fluid analysis and sequencing.

  • Bioassay Compatible Materials
    Materials that are formulated for most biological assays such as PCR, qPCR, and ELISA. They are also designed to minimise the potential for chemical and/or optical interference required by diagnostic devices.
  • Design & Fabrication

    Get support for the design and manufacture of integrated consumables with your chemistries. 3M offers material expertise and multiple technology platforms alongside state-of-the-art molding, spotting and assembling capabilities in an ISO 13485 or 9001 compliant facility.

Guidance for designing blood glucose test strips.

  • Woman running

    You design lifesaving devices, and you know that accuracy is critical when people are monitoring blood glucose levels. Each layer within a blood glucose test strip plays a crucial role.

    “Science Behind the Strip: An Engineer’s Guide to Designing Blood Glucose Test Strips for Accuracy” gives you guidance on the process, from choosing the right materials to avoiding malfunctions.

    Fill out the form below to access the paper.

Science of Skin: Potential problems when sticking to the skin of a diabetic.

  • Cover of whitepaper for Science of Skin: Potential problems when sticking to the skin of a diabetic.

    Diabetes can impact blood supply to the skin and lead to a variety of skin conditions. Diabetic patients also face an added risk of issues from using blood glucose monitors and insulin delivery devices.

    Learn more about the potential skin complications you need to consider when designing devices for diabetic patients.

Learn more about our diabetes management device components

When you are designing a medical device for diabetes management, product accuracy and skin-friendly materials are essential. Get in touch with us for support in materials selection and recommendations, product design, where-to-buy information and more.

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