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Optical Solutions

  • 3M™ LEAP™ Blocking Pads and Surface Saver™ Tapes for prescription lens manufacturing.

    Optical solutions for prescription lens manufacturing

    Providing high-quality optical lenses at a competitive cost is essential for eye care professionals in the ophthalmic lens processing industry. With 3M's protective tape, precision coating and Press-On Optic solutions, you can offer reliable and cost-competitive optical lens products to your customers.

    Products such as 3M™ LEAP™ Blocking Pads, protective tapes and other laboratory consumables are derived from 3M’s decades-long expertise in adhesives, precision coatings, optics and other advanced technologies. This includes specialty solutions for low surface energy materials such as hydrophobic coated lenses.

    3M Press-On Optics offer eye care professionals the ability to correct several visual disorders in a simple, therapeutic, inexpensive way. This immediate correction is more comfortable and cosmetically appealing without adding any noticeable weight or thickness to the spectacle, nor causing damage. 3M, LEAP, Surface Saver, and Press-On are Trademarks of 3M.

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