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3M provides sticky medical tape components for the construction of point-of-care diagnostic devices and consumer home care medical devices.

Continuous Health Monitoring

Materials for the production of body-worn sensors and other remote patient monitoring devices.


Freedom of Design. Freedom of Movement.

  • Imagine making daily doctor visits to undergo tests and receive medical care for a chronic disease or rehab. The miles and the hours add up, restricting your ability to enjoy a more active life. What if you could bring that care into your own home instead?

    A new generation of wearable medical technologies allows continuous health monitoring in the home, so patients can conveniently chart their wellness or progress electronically. This rapidly growing area of healthcare presents manufacturers with a wealth of new opportunities. 3M can help you take advantage of those opportunities with solutions engineered to help you speed up the design process, improve reliability and reduce costs.

    Whether you need a specific layer for a biosensor or an integrated consumable for a lab-on-a-chip application, 3M has a solution for you:

Freedom of Design. Freedom of Movement.

  • Stick-to-skin

    Most 3M medical adhesives are designed to be "skin friendly" where devices are attached to patients. This range of adhesives includes foam tapes; nonwoven and woven tapes; hydrocolloids; and polyurethanes.

  • Structured materials

    Precisely-shaped, micro-replicated surface structures or channels are incorporated into substrates to provide a new, closely controlled dimension of physical, chemical and optical properties.

  • Stick-to-device

    Adhesives for the construction of devices made from plastic films, foams and fabrics, including treated fabrics.

  • Microfluidic solutions

    Hydrophilic fluid transport technologies for fast and efficient spreading of a liquid sample through your device.

  • Bioassay compatible

    Diagnostic tapes and spacers that minimise the potential for chemical interference, as well as aid in the manufacturing and use of your device.

  • Membranes

    Porous films and membranes with the size and spacing of pores engineered to capture particles or to ensure that samples flow at the right rate.

  • Flexible circuits

    Flexible electronics and films that help improve precision and accuracy of diagnostic devices.

Understanding skin and designing wearable devices

  • Science of skin: Meeting the challenges of skin whitepaper by Del R. Lawson, Ph.D

    Skin is a complex, ever-changing organ. Read about the various factors you need to consider when designing adhesives and devices that are made to stick to skin.

    Start your design with skin in mind.

Learn more about our continuous health monitoring components

When you are designing a medical device that must attach to a patient’s skin, a lot depends on your choice of adhesive system. Get in touch with us for support in materials selection and recommendations, product design, where-to-buy information and more.

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