3M optimized operations (O2) supply chain program

Optimized Operations (O2) Experience

Optimized Operations (O2) Experience​

The O2 Experience is a manufacturing and supply chain development program that provides engineering, supply chain, data analytics, environmental, and health and safety graduates the opportunity to jump-start their careers. You’ll work on challenging assignments and have rotational experiences that will inspire you to be an improvement-driven, socially cognizant and globally aware professional.​


Program Details​

  • What sets this program apart from the others?​

    The O2 Experience is a two-year, entry-level rotational program that provides unique training and career development opportunities in manufacturing and supply chain functions worldwide. O2s receive multiple weeks of exceptional training centered around Lean Six Sigma principles for their development, as well as the potential for international assignments. O2s also utilize their skills in their communities through O2 Engage, a social responsibility effort.​

  • How long is the program?​

    The O2 Experience has a two-year duration with multiple assignments. Start dates vary by country and are usually aligned with university calendars. ​

  • Where will you be located?​

    Locations vary based on job type and current needs, inclusive of international assignments. ​

    With a large base of operations and multiple locations that vary from rural to urban and many geographies, O2s must be flexible from a mobility perspective.  ​

  • What kinds of roles are candidates hired into?​

    O2s may support 3M’s Manufacturing and Supply Chain operations in many different roles. Assignments for engineering, supply chain, environmental health and safety, or analytics may include, but are not limited to, process support, quality, product support, supply chain scheduling, supply chain planning, logistics, automation, robotics and analytics.

    ​After graduation from the O2 Experience, alumni can stay connected throughout the rest of their 3M careers. ​​

  • What activities are provided during the program?​

    Activities unique to the O2 Experience include:​

    • ​Diverse and comprehensive training​
    • Assignment rotation
    • O2 Engage, social responsibility project ​
    • O2 Accelerate, 2nd year personal development program​
    • Limited international assignments​
    • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification​
    • Professional coaches and mentors​
    • Opportunities for networking and continued learning ​
  • How can you begin the recruitment and application process?​

    Recruiting timeframes vary based on location, but generally recruiting starts in August and goes until May. Search the key words “O2 Experience” here.​​

Meet the O2s. Are you O2?

  • Video of Optimized Operations employees discussing how they make big impacts in manufacturing and supply chain

    Optimized Operations employees are recent graduates making big impacts in manufacturing and supply chain, as well as their surrounding communities, through the O2 experience. Meet some O2s and hear what they are doing. Are you O2?

O2 Accelerate - A Catalyst for Self-Development

  • video: what benefit does O2 Accelerate provide for your career

    As a signature element to the O2 Experience, O2 Accelerate is a pinnacle development workshop week. Throughout their two years, O2s receive multiple weeks of exceptional training. O2 Accelerate is the advanced development training, providing O2s with comprehensive presentation and self-development skills that they will utilize for their full 3M careers.


Hear from O2 employees about their experience.

Interested in the O2 Program?

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