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Image of a machining and metal working product being sprayed with water for filtration.

Filtration for metal working.

3M products for machining and metal working.


Filtration in Machining and Metal Working

Creating components and products from a raw material like metal requires a lot of processes that require filtration. Whether it’s keeping parts cool during fabrication or keeping parts lubricated or washing finished products, you need to be confident your filtration is delivering the results you need.

3M filtration has multiple filtration solutions for machining and metal working applications to help you stay competitive in your challenging industry.

  • Infographic illustrating process map for machining, metal working cooling process and parts washing
    Hover over the red hotspots to find out more
    Hover over the red hotspots to find out more

There are many different cutting and metal working processes in the industry, and 3M has filtration solutions to meet your needs.

Waste Water

Depending upon the size of your system, 3M has a wide range of products to meet your filtration needs including 3M™ High Flow filters and 3M™ Micro-Klean filters.

Parts Washing

3M has the filtration products with the micron ratings you need, to help keep your systems clean and efficient through the many washing, conditioning and rinse steps in the parts washing process.

Incoming Water

Water comes from a variety of sources, and 3M has the filtration technology to help ensure the water you use is ready for your applications.

Hover over the red hotspots to find out more

Applications for Machining and Metal Working

We’re here to help. For more than 100 years, 3M Purification has partnered with our customers to develop innovative filtration and purification products to help in their processes.

Incoming Water

The source water you use in your process is not ready for prime time when it comes into your facility. It needs to be filtered to remove particles or treated to prepare it for use. The type and level of filtration needed depends on the source of your water.

3M’s filtration products help provide the particle reduction needed to provide the high-quality water for machining and metal working, and parts washing.

Featured Products

Parts Washing

The water you use in your parts washing process needs to be filtered to remove contaminants such as greases, oils, and particulates to extend the life of your baths.

3M has filtration solutions to match your flow rate and system size to help keep your process moving.

Featured Products


As with parts washing, the filtration you use for your machine cooling process is crucial in helping to remove particles and contaminants from fluid mixes so they can be reused in your system.

3M has filtration solutions designed to help you extend the life of your machine cooling fluid mixes.

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Machining and metal working creates contaminated water that needs to be treated with filtration before it can be properly disposed of.

3M has wastewater filtration solutions designed to help you protect the environment and meet increasingly stringent discharge requirements.

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    Managing industrial water filtration doesn't have to be a challenging task. We have resources to help you identify the right filtration and separation products to meet your sustainable water management needs.

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Our filtration products help provide clean water for a variety of manufacturing processes. We're here to help you find the solution that best resolves your challenges around water filtration.