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Importance of Having Clean Water


Treat water the way it deserves to be treated. With clear liquid playing a pivotal part in our lives, let 3M take care of your clean water needs. 

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    Providing trust in every drop

    At 3M, we think about filtration solutions even before you encounter water problems. How? By introducing a range of water filtration solutions that filter your water from the point of entry to the point of use. 

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    How do I know if my water needs to be filtered?

    Water passing through pipes to reach your home may contain sediment. A whole house water filter system can reduce sediment, chlorine, taste and odour. 

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    What substances can be reduced by 3M water filtration products?

    Among our line of offerings are products that reduce chlorine taste and odor, trihalomethane (TTHM), lead, sediment, cysts, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium (hex), chromium (tri), copper, fluoride, radium, selenium, turbidity, total dissolved solids (TDS), mercury, asbestos, chloramine, MTBE and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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    What is the capacity of a 3M drinking water system?

    Each product's capacity varies, but the 3M™ FF 100 Drinking Water System has a capacity equivalent to 45,443 16.9oz bottles of water, 150 pitcher filters or 60 faucet filters.

Residential Water Filtration Product

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Choosing the right water filter

  • Drinking Water Filtration
    Drinking Water Filtration

    3M™ Professional series product range is designed to address common water quality concerns by reducing chlorine taste and odour, chloramines, sediment and lead for cleaner, more refreshing water.

    3M™ Filtered Water Dispenser HCD-2
    AP Easy Complete

  • Whole House Water Filtration
    Whole House Water Filtration

    We offer a range of standard, large diameter plastic and stainless steel housings for whole house water filtration. Use our drop-in water filter cartridges to complete your whole house water filtration system and enjoy filtered water at home while extending the life of your water with appliances.

    Whole House Water Filtration

  • Water Treatment
    Water Treatment

    3M™ Residential Water softeners reduce calcium and magnesium minerals in the water to help prevent scale build-up. Our other water treatment systems address the common problem of iron reduction by treating your water at the point of entry to the home.

    UV Filtration Systems
    Water Treatment Systems

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