Respiratory Protection Applications & Hazards

Every respiratory protection application has its own unique challenges and hazards. That's why 3M™ Respirators are designed with features that will meet the needs of your industry and specific application, providing protection against particulates, gas and vapors, organic vapors and nuisance odors.


  • 3M Disposable Respirator protecting man from sawdust particulates

    3M particulate filters provide protection against solid or liquid particles such as dust, mists, fibers, fumes or bioaerosols. The respirators they work with feature adjustable noseclips or silicone seals to help provide a customer seal, a variety of strap types and attachments, and filter medias suitable for oil and non-oil environments. Depending on your ADF needs there are options for combination hazards.

  • 3M Respirator protecting man from gases and vapors while cleaning a boat
    Gases and Vapors

    Some 3M™ gas and vapor cartridges come with an end-of-service-life indicator that can help users determine when it's time to change to a new cartridge. For environments where you need respiratory protection from both particulates and gases and vapors, 3M offers combi cartridges.

  • 3M Respirator protecting man from organic vapors
    Organic Vapors

    All 3M vapor cartridges identify which type of vapor they are designed to help protect against on the label band on the outside of the cartridge. There are also cartridge options for organic vapor combination cartridges for hazards that include an organic vapor and either acid gases or Formaldehyde.

  • 3M Disposable Respirator protecting man from nuisance odors
    Nuisance Odors

    If you've conducted an exposure assessment and determined worker exposure levels are less than relevant occupational exposure for non-hazardous gases or vapors, a respirator for nuisance odors might be what you need.

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