Eye Care Tips

Protect Your Eyes with 3M

Take care of your eyes by practising good eye care habits when reading or using the computer. Be aware of the following:

  • Reduce Near Work

    Spend less time on unnecessary near work - activities that require you to focus on small details or are done very close to to your eyes. Let your eyes rest after every 30-40 minutes of near work.

  • Posture

    Sit in a correct and comfortable posture when you are at your desk. A good posture will enable a comfortable reading distance for your eyes.

  • Well Lit Environment

    Ensure that there is even illumination on reading materials. This will help reduce eye strain and glaring.

Recommended Illuminance Levels

The following demonstrates the minimum lighting levels by task

Minimum Lighting Levels By Task

  • Task
  • Minimum Illuminance (Lux)
  • Casual Reading
  • 300 Lux
  • Writing/ Detailed Work
  • 500 Lux
  • Studying
  • 800 - 1000 Lux
  • Food Preparation
  • 750 Lux
  • Cooking
  • 300 Lux

Brightness levels are measured in illuminance (Lux) not Watts. The more intense or detailed the work, the higher the lux required.

Did You Know?

Myopia Takes Over

Singapore is #1 in the world for Childhood Myopia. Take good care of our eyes by using sufficient and good lighting!