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3M™ Polarizing Task Light

3M™ P1709 LED Polarizing Task Light for better lighting and eyesight!

This polarizing light comes with smartphone
charging and 7-level brightness adjustment.



3M™ Polarizing Task Light is installed with its proprietary optical film that helps to reduce strain on your eyes to make reading, studying or work more pleasurable and comfortable. Find the perfect lamp for yourself today and you will never have to experience eye discomfort again!

Comfortable Lighting Solutions For Everyone

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  • Young Ones

    Brighten up your child lives and protect their eyes with our 3M™ Polarizing Task Light. It provides high luminance to help your children see, concentrate and study better. Coupled with its light weight, it is extremely portable, giving your child the ease and convenience of having good lighting wherever they want. Find the suitable lamp for your child at 3M to improve their learning abilities.


    Study Table Lamp:

    Table Lamp with Timer:

  • Crafters

    Are your hobbies related to craft work and art? Unleash your creativity comfortably with 3M™ Polarizing Task Light. It provides sufficient light to help you see the tinniest details clearly! Now you can protect your eyes while enjoying your hobbies anywhere.


    Desk Lamp:

  • Professionals

    Experiencing tired eyes, headaches or frequent tearing while brainstorming at work? 3M™ Polarizing Task Light helps to alleviate these symptoms for you to work in comfort!


    Office Desk Lamp:
    LED 5000

    Desk Lamp with USB port:


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