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Vascular access

Solutions you need to provide a continuum of vascular access care

Every I.V. site presents the potential for infection, dislodgement, skin damage and other complications. These complications can potentially cause patient discomfort and pain, extended hospital stays, additional therapy, and surgical intervention—even increased patient mortality.


3M Science offers a broad portfolio of innovative tools that can help you protect every I.V. catheter—from insertion to removal. From hand hygiene, skin preps and barrier films to securement devices, transparent dressings, and disinfecting caps, our evidence-based products can help you deliver compassionate care, protect patient and clinician safety, help prevent the risks of costly complications, and improve patient satisfaction.

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  • Stop Bloodstream Infections Before They Start

    As your partner in protecting patients, we want to do everything in our power to help you achieve your goal of zero bloodstream infections. Learn more about free educational resources and evidence-based products to help you stop bloodstream infections before they start.

Antimicrobial Protection


Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury (MARSI)

2021 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice

  • Get details on key updates, including new and revised guidelines for vascular access securement, site prep and more.
    Key Highlights From The 2021 Standards
    Get details on key updates, including new and revised guidelines for vascular access securement, site prep and more.


  • 3M Solutions
    3M Solutions & How It Aligns With The 2021 Standards

    View our quick guide and discover products and solutions aligned to the latest guidelines for greater compliance.

  • 3M I.V. Care Solutions
    3M I.V. Care Solutions

    We can help you deliver compassionate care with evidence-based products that help protect clinicians and patients, prevent complications and improve patient outcomes.

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    3M℠ Health Care Academy

    3M℠ Health Care Academy offers free, quality educational content in a flexible online format. Choose from more than 50 CE credit courses to support your professional development.

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