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surgeon wearing mask for prevention of hospital acquired infection
Comprehensive Infection Prevention

Support and solutions in the areas where you need it most.

When priorities to infection prevention and control shifted, you answered the call.

  • It’s a strange dichotomy -- while there is a greater understanding of infection prevention and control today than ever before, the risks seem to be higher. Over the past several months, education on the basics of disease transmission have been shared broadly, and the importance of hand hygiene and personal protection is realised by healthcare workers, patients and caregivers alike. 

    But that hasn’t made your job easier. Healthcare workers have been asked to do things that previously seemed unimaginable. Emotions are high. Burnout is real. Yet, you continue to answer the call, stepping up to the challenge of reducing the risk of cross-contamination and transmission of viruses and bacteria at your facility – whether from people, care-related factors, the environment or equipment. 

    With your time limited, you need assurance of the science, safety and efficacy of your infection prevention and control solutions, plus ongoing educational support to combine a good defense with a strong offense. 3M remains your partner in activating science-based problem-solving, not just for what health care was yesterday or today, but for what it will be tomorrow.

3M is your team behind the scenes.

Whether it is managing ongoing healthcare-associated infection initiatives with pandemic response, finding alternative product solutions or providing supplemental education to staff, 3M is here to help – both virtually and, if appropriate, in-person. We cannot promise we’ll have all the answers or solutions for everything you need, but we will try.

Customer Service
+65 6450 8888

Customer Service
+65 6450 8888

Resources for current infection prevention and control challenges

You’ve had to get creative in your approach to infection prevention and control, finding ways to do more with less. Access updated resources, education and information to help you navigate the ever-evolving dynamics of pandemic response. 

  • respiratory personal protective equipment (PPE) in hospital
    Respiratory protection

    Find all 3M medical respiratory protection resources in one place, with information about protection options, PPE and skin protection, optimising your supply and extended use and limited re-use guidance.

  • sterilisation and cleaning resources for the hospital infection control

    Find information about 3M’s solutions for sterile processing, endoscope processing, sterilisation assurance and cleaning monitoring as well as hand hygiene and contact precautions. We’ve also compiled guidelines and frequently asked questions about the risk of contamination spread. 

  • educational resources for hospital infection control
    Virtual product resources and education

    Many of 3M’s product resources are available online, including instructions for use. The 3M℠ Health Care Academy also has many on-demand courses focused on respiratory protection, sterilisation, bloodstream infections, surgical site infections and other infection control and prevention-related topics. 

Helping you identify additional areas of potential infection risk

Guidelines and protocols have evolved rapidly to address sources of contamination and pathogens that may lead to infection. Lean how to adopt a holistic approach to help reduce the risk of infection, and how we can work with you to help protect your patients and staff, clinical environment and practice.

Select each hotspot to learn more. 

  • infographic on ways to prevent hospital acquired infections

Focus on people as reservoirs and ways infectious agents can move among and within people. What are the portals of entry and exit, or the mode of transmission?

  • Respiratory tract
  • Skin
  • Incisions/wounds
  • Catheters/tubes
  • Mucous membranes
  • Body fluids
  • Aerosols

Reduce the risk of infection by incorporating evidence-based protocols and training staff on guidelines and best practices.

  • Guidelines and protocols
  • Clinical education
  • Staff training
  • Assessment and audits
Equipment & Environment

Reduce the risk of contamination and transmission in high-risk patient care areas and when utilising multi-patient use instruments and devices.

  • Medical equipment, instruments and supplies
  • Environmental surfaces

Science-based solutions for your ongoing healthcare-acquired infection initiatives

Even during a pandemic, healthcare-acquired infection (HAI) surveillance continues, but it may be difficult to keep up with your facility’s initiatives. 3M is here to support you with science and evidence-based solutions, guidelines, best practices and staff education to help you reduce the risk of infection complications and minimise inefficiencies in many areas that support your ongoing HAI efforts. 

  • People
  • Equipment & Environment
  • Practice