Close-up of a golf ball with the 3M Open logo.

Five Steps to Branding a Global Sporting Event

Step Three: Think of Every Angle

  • three-dimensional cube with the 3M Open logo floats on a pond while worker with a boat adjusts it

    We had to think through what types of activations would really stand out to raise awareness about our brand and our mission; how can we bring 3M Science to life at a golf tournament? It was imperative that anything we did on that course would show up on TV in a vibrant, clean, crisp and cohesive way. We wanted the bright red 3M logo to really pop. We were able to achieve beautiful richness of colors with 3M’s own huge catalogue of graphic films.

    We also knew the cameras would be pointing at the golf course from multiple directions, including from the sky. Graphics had to be positioned more creatively than just flat against a wall. We took advantage of the tops of tents. We also made a point to create three-dimensional objects, like the cube floating on the pond, that could bear the 3M logo on all sides and be seen from any direction. In watching the telecast, our brand toolkit – fonts, colors, logos – all came across clearly and consistently.

Black mesh trifecta

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