Whitepaper #5

Get the Most Out of Your Printer

Navigate the world of digital printing - everything from purchase and set up, to ink selection and maintenance.

  • Guide to Digital Printing Whitepaper

    Your printer can dictate the speed, volume and final quality of the projects you take on at your wraps business. It's more than just a piece of equipment. Your digital printer is an essential extension of your work. Uncover the tips and tricks you'll need to keep your projects running smoothly and your graphics printing to perfection.


    A Guide to Digital Printing

    This guide takes you through the many factors that touch digital printing such as inks, media, employees, maintenance and more. Some topics you'll find inside include:

    Bullets summarizing subtopics:

    • Understanding different types of inks, and which is best for you
    • How to properly setup your printer for optimal results
    • Who's the right person to operate your equipment?
    • The key to printer maintenance and shop process
    • Why warranties matter