watch the video to discover how 3m conceal and print wrap film works to blend infrastructures into surrounding environments
Not all of our technology is designed to be seen.

Watch how 3M™ Conceal Film works in this video.

3M™ Wireless Equipment Concealment Film

The less you see, the better it looks. 3M™ Wireless Concealment Films make wireless infrastructures blend into surrounding environments.

  • 3m print wrap film surrounding a wireless infrastructure on a brick building to blend into the surrounding environment

    Small Cell Deployment with 3M™ Print Wrap Film

    3M™ Print Wrap Film and Overlaminate is a printable solution that helps blend the wireless infrastructure into the surrounding built environment.

    • Digitally printable and conformable, making it easy to install
    • Resists soil, water, UV and graffiti
    • RF transparent (<0.5 dB insertion loss)
  • 3m conceal film wrapped on a wirefless infrastructure to help blend in to the natural environment

    Rooftop Deployment with 3M™ Conceal Film

    3M™ Conceal Film uses light management technology to create a camouflage effect that reduces the visual impact of cellular antennas. Wireless infrastructure mirrors the surrounding natural environment, whether skies are clear, grey or partly cloudy.

    • Metal-free film minimizes signal loss
    • Long-term outdoor durability
    • Eliminates the need for facades like faux trees

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