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3m fleet truck with the 3M logo on truck to promote brand awareness during day and at night.

Be safe, be seen: Shining light on the value of reflective film for your fleet.

Safety is a top priority for fleet vehicles at all times, but driving at night can present serious obstacles. Thankfully, there are solutions for your vehicles that can help keep drivers safe and your brand top of mind no matter the hour. Read on to learn more about how to boost your fleet’s visibility with reflective films and tapes.

Get noticed at night.

When the sun goes down, the odds of car and truck accidents go up. Only 5% of what’s visible during the day is visible at night.

  • Depth perception and peripheral vision are diminished in the dark for drivers of all ages. However, after the age of 20, a person’s illumination needs double every 13 years — and there are more drivers over the age of 65 on the road than ever before. Lack of visibility leads to significantly higher rates of fatal crashes or serious injuries during night hours.

    3M reflective films and reflective tapes can increase visibility during these hazardous nighttime hours with the use of retroreflective technology. By incorporating thousands of microscopic beads or prisms into the reflective material, reflective films return light rays back to a vehicle driver, letting them see objects ahead from greater distances.

    The sooner drivers can see your fleet vehicles, the safer we can make the roads. Knowing that it takes approximately 300 feet to respond and stop when traveling at 60 mph, greater visibility from reflective films and tapes can be the difference between a safe stop or a serious accident.

Put your brand in the spotlight.

You don’t just want to be seen, you want to be noticed. There’s a huge opportunity to enhance your fleet branding even more with attention-grabbing reflective films.

  • Our peripheral vision is more sensitive to motion and contrast, making objects retrofitted with reflective material stand out more and capture drivers’ attention. Ultimately, vehicles in reflective films are at least 2 times more visible at night than vehicles without.

    When you consider that reflective films can be seen from greater distances, at lower visibility, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they can help boost impressions by as much as 40%.

Understand the impact of reflective solutions.

Now that you understand the impact reflective films and tapes can have, it’s important to think about how you’ll incorporate them.

  • The rear of trucks is a high-impact area in fatal crashes. It’s also the area of a truck that receives the highest dwell time from other vehicles, meaning cars trail the rear for longer durations than the sides. Reflective rear door wraps offer a strategic way to reach your audience while also protecting your fleet. They’re just one option though, as reflective films and tapes offer a great deal of design versatility, letting you use them for side decals, trims or full wraps for optimal visibility.

    The bottom line is that if you want your fleet trucks, vans and cars to be safe and you want your message to shine 24/7, you should consider reflective films and tapes for your vehicles. Learn more about getting started with reflective films and tapes today at 3M.com/Fleet.

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