Trailer wrapped in a fiery BBQ graphic shining at night using 3m reflective film.
Reflective Films perfected.

A New Standard in Wrappable Reflective Film

  • The pressure to create projects that catch the eye is intense. 3M reflective films kick it up a notch by adding sparkle and shine to car wraps, building graphics and wall wraps, to name a few. Whether the sun is high or night has fallen, your customers will be so dazzled, they won’t even know what hit them.

Our Roster of Reflective Films

  • The rigors of car wrapping can often bruise vehicle graphics during installation, especially reflective materials; giving graphics manufacturers and graphics installers major headaches. This reflective film boasts increased conformability and heat recovery along with wide angle visibility to ensure the final product shines day or night.

  • Take advantage of 3M™ Controltac™ and 3M™ Comply™ technologies with this proven reflective film. Made with a removable adhesive, vehicle graphics will stay in place for customers… until they change their minds. When the time comes for that latest and greatest design, little or no residue will be left behind.

  • Having a hard time upselling your customer to the most premium reflective film, but they are still interested in reflective? Look for 3M 5100R as the perfect solution for high-quality vehicle promotions and partial car wraps on commercial fleets, public service signage, leased vehicles and more.

Shows by day. Glows by night. 3M Reflective Films

A bright idea for so many applications

Help your customers stand out by boosting their brand visibility with a reflective film that brings designs to life - both day and night. From vehicle graphics and wall wraps, to trailer wraps and sign graphics, the application opportunities are endless.

  • Black race car with green flames wrapped in 3M reflective film.
  • Black race car with green flames at night wrapped in 3M reflective film.
  • Trailer wrapped in a fiery BBQ graphic using 3M reflective film.
  • Trailer wrapped in a fiery BBQ graphic at night shining using 3M reflective film.
  • A poster in a dark underground garage with flames advertising a BBQ and shining at night using 3M reflective films.
  • A wall graphic of a yellow banner showing the detail of 3M's wall graphic reflective films.
  • A wall graphic showing the direction of a Pop Stop store during the day using 3M reflective films.
  • A wall graphic showing the direction of a Pop Stop store shining at night using 3M reflective films.

Witness 3M Reflective Films in Action

Demonstration Videos for Reflective Films

  • 3M expert installer applying 3M car wrap on red car bumps and curves, showing ease of install.
    Hug Those Curves

    Using reflective materials during the car wrapping process can often leave bumps and bruises behind. One of our expert graphics installers explains how to help avoid them using 3M™ Scotchlite™ Removable Reflective 680CR.

  • 3M expert graphics installer applying a car wrap over rivets on a car, showing ease of install over rivets.
    Rivaled Rivets No More

    Rivets can be a roadblock during the car wrapping process. Learn important application do’s and don’ts in this demonstration by one of our expert graphics installers. Here’s a hint: firm bristles.

  • 3M expert installer holding a 3M car wrap down to demonstrate how to remove bubbles when installing the car wrap.
    Burst Those Bubbles

    Learn how to help prevent bubbles in your vehicle graphics. Our expert graphics installer demonstrates the use of Comply™ Adhesive technology. The secret is literally in the palm of your hand.

  • 3M expert car wrap installer showing how to use and install Scotchprint personalized vehicle graphic film on a black car hood.
    Under Pressure

    No need to feel any pressure when installing your vehicle graphics! Our expert demonstrates how to get great car wraps using reflective vehicle graphic film.

Request a Graphics Product Sample

Shine a light on your designs with printable reflective films. They’re perfect for vehicle wraps, textured graphics, wall wraps and more. If you’re a graphics manufacturer or graphics installer, try it for yourself and experience the vibrancy today!