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3M Chrome Wraps

Reflect on the possibilities of 3M™ Wrap Film 2080 — GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome with our instructional videos and wrap inspiration.

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    Find out what 3M™ Wrap Film 2080 — GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome looks like in action. Get inspired by the bold transformation.
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    Take your chrome wrap to the next level. Discover the benefits of our 3M Wrap Film 2080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome.

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Installing Chrome: Tips & Tricks

Before working with Chrome, watch this video to learn install tricks that will set you up for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

    • Complete pre-inspection sheet
    • Treat entire car surface with wax-free car wash, Prep Sol 70, DuPont DX330, clay bar (to remove imperfections on the surface of the vehicle) and 70/30 IPA, in that order
    • Ensure entire car surface is completely dry after using Prep Sol; residual solvent will prevent adhesion
    • Remove all external features from car before beginning wrap, including:

      • Mirrors
      • Door handles
      • Spoilers
      • Diffusers
      • Emblems/Logos
    • Apply masking tape to areas where adhesion is not desired to allow easier positioning of Wrap Film 2080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome
    • Always cut film from roll with a fresh, sharp razor blade
    • For flatter surfaces (such as doors), leave protective liner on Wrap Film 2080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome

      • This will help prevent scratching film during installation
      • Installation with protective liner in place requires higher squeegee pressure
    • Remove protective liner for more complex shapes
    • Use pre-cut templates for inlays on bumpers & other deep recesses
    • Pre-cut material to shape to ease installation & relieve tension
    • Leave enough excess material beyond edges of working surface to grab and stretch
    • The film can only be stretched up to 130%
    • Coat gloves and squeegees in 3M Paint Protection Film Installation Gel
    • This allows easier sliding of gloves and squeegees over Wrap Film 2080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome, while preventing scratching of film surface
    • Use excess liner (logo side down) underneath film on body lines to prevent adhesive rollover
    • Use multiple pieces of film on door handles and other high, sharp-angled surfaces
    • Never use a torch on Wrap Film 2080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome

      • Use of a heat gun & infrared lamp is recommended
    • Set heat gun to 500°F, never higher, to avoid hazing Wrap Film 2080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome surface

      • Never apply heat to any surface still wet with Installation Gel or IPA
    • Do not allow bubbles to become well-defined during installation, as permanent glue line may likely to show up

      • Other defects (such as wrinkles) are extremely unlikely to be removed after installation
    • Using a two-person team (with an optional third person) to complete Wrap Film 2080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome wraps is recommended whenever possible

      • Solo wrapping of Wrap Film 2080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome material is very strongly not advised
      • Professional, experienced installers are likely to get the best results when wrapping in Wrap Film 2080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome
    • Pull film tight before heating to remove wrinkles, and avoid excessive heat on wrinkles
    • Use the Classic Series of 3M™ Knifeless Tape (Finish Line, Perf Line and Bridge Line) for all finishing cuts around edges of body panels

      • Use 3M Design Line Series Knifeless Tape for all accenting & striping with Wrap Film 2080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome
      • Never use a knife or razor blade for finishing cuts
    • Use 70/30 IPA, and then Meguiar’s liquid wax to clean the surface post-installation
    • Post-heat wrap thoroughly after installation to relax stretched areas of film
    • If doing an install with protective liner in place, remove before any finishing cuts are made
    • Use only microfiber rags to clean film after installation

      • Paper towels or other rougher cleaning products will scratch surface
    • Wrapping and post-heating 1/8”-1/4” of film around edges of working body panel will help prevent edge lifting after installation
    • Avoid long-term sun exposure on Wrap Film 2080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome
    • Only clean vehicle by hand, never with industrial car washes

      • Use microfiber rags or shammy cloths for applying cleaning product and drying
    • Wash-free liquid wax is recommended to create a protective barrier atop the Wrap Film 2080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome surface

      • This prevents dust and dirt buildup over the life of the wrap
      • Do not use aggressive high- or low-pH soaps to clean Wrap Film 2080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome
    • Remove any dirt or salt immediately after exposure to limit its effect on the wrap surface

3M Wraps Support

CAUTION: Before using chrome wrap, please ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Restrictions on chrome wraps may vary by jurisdiction. You accept responsibility for legal and regulatory compliance and for any liability arising from your use of chrome wrap.