About 3M Electrical Construction and Maintenance

  • 3M provides innovative electrical construction materials and maintenance solutions you can rely on, including wire & cable management, motor lead connecting, insulating & sealing, locating & marking, splicing/connecting/grounding, cable repair, fire retarding, arc proofing, and safety & personal protection.

The electrical work on a construction job will get done on time and within budget with 3M.
Get the job done right, on time and within budget.

Build and repair electrical systems with confidence.

  • Protect valuable assets
  • Take advantage of the latest technologies
  • Be confident in long-term performance

Featured 3M Electrical Solutions

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3M Construction Services

Save time and money and reduce waste with help and custom product kits from 3M.

  • Construction project 1-line drawings illustration
    Send in project 1-line drawings and your cable schedule
  • 3M analysis and full take-off
    3M does a full take-off to virtually eliminate the need for spare components or odd MOQs
  • Custom kits shipping to job site
    Custom termination and splice kits are assembled and shipped to your job site
  • Onsite training and offsite tech support
    3M provides onsite training and offsite technical support

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3M Safety & Industrial Business Group

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Utilize 3M’s Expertise to Get the Job Done

  • Need assistance on the job? 3M will come to you.

  • Learn the proper techniques for installing 3M electrical products.

  • Find Data Sheets, Brochures, Instruction Sheets and Installation Instructions.

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