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  • Whether it’s new construction, renovation or demolition and clean-up, 3M has a wide range of reliable solutions for the building and construction industry to improve safety, productivity and efficiencies through each stage of the project. Our innovative and high performing products can be used for a variety of applications, and expert support is available.

Building & Construction Products and Applications

  • From waterproofing foundations and sealing ducts to stucco masking and fire life safety, 3M has hundreds of high-performing products that yield consistent and reliable results. Our products help save time, money and labor and they come with expert support for all construction needs.

    Tapes and Adhesives
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  • From the structure’s interior to the exterior and the construction site, 3M products can be used in every application of building construction. For decades, professionals have relied on 3M for innovative construction solutions that improve all phases of projects.

    Air Barrier
    Architectural Panel
    Structural Glazing
    Site Work
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