Wash & Wax Care Tips

Get a luxurious shine on your car with these easy-to-follow guides. Uncover common mistakes in your wash and wax routine, and how to avoid them for a spotless finish!

How To Wax Your Car

Put the sparkle back in your car with a glossy finish that’s almost effortless!

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Quick Guide To Prevent Swirl Marks


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How To Wash Your Car In 3 Quick & Easy Steps

Car wash is an essential step in your car care routine. Done the right way, you needn’t worry about fading of paint or fine scratches. These steps highlight the best way to clean your car to add gloss and shine.

  • วิธีการล้างรถยนต์แบบ Two-bucket
    Step 1: Two-bucket method

    This simple 2 step method is necessary in preventing fine line scratches and swirl marks during your car wash.

    Fill one bucket with car wash shampoo solution and one bucket with water.

    After every wash, rinse your detailing cloth in the water-filled bucket to wash out dirt and other contaminants that are trapped in your cloth before washing other parts of your car’s exterior.

  • แชมพูที่อ่อนโยนต่อรถของคุณ
    Step 2: Use car wash shampoo with a formula that gently cleans it

    Never use regular Household detergents to wash your car as they usually contain harsh chemicals that strip off your car’s clear coat.

    Always select a clear coat safe car shampoo like our 3M™ Car Wash Shampoo to ensure your car’s painted surface is protected.

  • ผ้าไมโครไฟเบอร์
    Step 3: Use a microfibre cloth

    Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe off any excess water left on the car’s exterior surface.

    Ensure that the cloth is lint-free to prevent any fine line scratches and swirl marks.

Car Care Checklist

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