Leather Care Tips

Car leather cleaner and conditioner are the remedies for faded and cracked car seats. Reverse the effects of harmful UV rays, wear and built-up dirt with these tips to restore your interior in no time!

Leather and Vinyl Interior

Simple steps to restore your leather car seats back to brand new.

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How To Clean Your Leather Car Seats


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What to Look for in a Leather and Vinyl Cleaner

The inside of your car deserves as much love as the outside! Don’t let dirt buildup and dust settle on your leather and vinyl seats and console. Here are some properties to look out for when choosing the right leather and vinyl cleaner for your car:

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    #1 Spray Bottle

    A Spray bottle allows for an easy and mess-free application. Simply spray on and wipe off to bring back the shine to your dull leather seats!

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    #2 Conditioner and Cleaner

    Leather surfaces require more than just cleaning it. It needs to be conditioned for a supple surface. Using a conditioner also protects it from fading due to exposure to UV rays. Choose a leather car seat cleaner that cleans and conditions your seats in a single step. Restore its colour and shine with a formula that brings results.

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    #3 Use a Soft Microfiber Cloth

    For best results, use a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth to apply and wipe off the leather and vinyl cleaner.

    This will ensure your delicate interior surfaces remain scratch-free.

Car Care Checklist

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