Correctional Facility Solutions

Correctional Facility Solutions

License Plate Solutions for Correctional Facilities

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Correctional facilities play a crucial role in the production of license plates across the U.S. By partnering with 3M, corrections facilities have access to a complete suite of resources, materials and support.

3M offers license plate manufacturing solutions, including equipment, sheeting, validation sheeting and stickers, as well as installation solutions tailored to each facility. We provide everything you need for license plate manufacturing and decal production.

  • Our license plate manufacturing solutions provide everything you need for license plate manufacturing and decal productions. Our reflective sheeting along with our special inks can ensure the best reflectivity and legibility possible for your license plates. Higher reflectivity makes vehicles more visible at night making it safer for drivers and providing better legibility for law enforcement.

  • Our digital license plate system streamlines production by utilizing 3M equipment for printing and blanking license plates. In addition, our integrated license plate software solution provides a digital workflow that automates order entry, tracks production information and allows for detailed reporting capabilities.

Featured Products for License Plate Manufacturing

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Cutting-edge 3M Series 6700 sheeting is designed to combat the common challenges of license plate systems, offering more visibility from long distances and more legibility from shorter distances.

It appears similar during the day and at night and is highly reflective when viewed both head-on and at relevant entrance angles to enhance nighttime safety and the legibility of the vehicle identification system.

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