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Paving the way for zero fatality: A thought series on safer mobility

3M Transportation Safety Webinar Series

Our business partners and the public have families to go back home to – just like us. Everyone deserves to be able to commute without having to compromise on safety. Join us as we bring together the minds of 3M experts and key opinion leaders in the road transport industry, to help address and solve complex problems in road and vehicle safety.

Through this webinar series, you will gain a better understanding of challenges in safe road mobility, and the knowledge to overcome them and save lives. Let’s truly pave the way for zero fatalities.

Upcoming live webinar session on 18 August 2021

  • Effectiveness of Traffic Control Devices to Mitigate Road Crashes in India

    Thursday, 18th August 2021
    12:00pm Singapore, GMT + 08:00

    The Indian government has set an aggressive target to halve the road traffic fatalities by 2025. It is critical to justify traffic safety solutions based on benefit vs. cost ratios, to reduce accidents and save lives.
    Join our guest speaker Dr. Velmurugan, Chief Scientist from CSIR - CRRI, India, has he reviews data on the effectiveness of road safety solutions. He will outline a framework to research into the efficacy of traffic control devices under conditions in India. Furthermore, our very own 3M expert, Ashish Agrawal will explore low-cost and widely deployed delineation solutions in India that can be replicated in other countries. Ashish will share information to realise the proven benefits by complying to industry standards, certification, releasing products that meet quality metrics, and the road owners who institute systemic maintenance and audit performance periodically.


  • Dr. S. Velmurugan

    Chief Scientist,
    Traffic Engineering
    and Safety Division,
    CSIR - CRRI, India

  • Ashish Tarun Agrawal

    Senior Application Engineer,
    Transportation Safety Div.,
    3M India

  • Anoop Hemachandra (Host)

    Area Portfolio Manager, Asia
    Transportation Safety Div.,
    3M India

Key Takeaways

  • Data driven approach based on effectiveness of adopting road safety solutions such as delineators and median markers in India
  • Pervasive delineation solutions which are low cost, and short-term mitigations as effective traffic control devices.
  • Complying to standards, periodic certification, product quality assurance, systemic maintenance and field audits by road authorities, to achieve effective road safety solutions.

Attend the webinar to learn about low-cost and widely deployable delineation solutions that can help to reduce road accidents and save lives.

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