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Paving the way for zero fatality: A thought series on safer mobility

3M Transportation Safety Webinar Series

Our business partners and the public have families to go back home to – just like us. Everyone deserves to be able to commute without having to compromise on safety. Join us as we bring together the minds of 3M experts and key opinion leaders in the road transport industry, to help address and solve complex problems in road and vehicle safety.

Through this webinar series, you will gain a better understanding of challenges in safe road mobility, and the knowledge to overcome them and save lives. Let’s truly pave the way for zero fatalities.

Upcoming live webinar session on 20 November 2020

  • Everyone has a right to get home safe to their loved ones… everyday… no exceptions!

    Friday, 20th November 2020
    11:30am – 1pm Singapore, GMT +08:00
    2:30pm – 4pm Sydney, GMT +11:00

    Join our guest speaker, Peter Frazer, Founder and President of Safer Australian Roads and Highways Inc. (SARAH Group), and our very own 3M expert, for a free webinar on how safety standards and investing in safe infrastructure have direct impacts on the number and severity of traffic crashes.

    The standards governing the way we build and maintain our road networks is what helps to bring families home each day, every day without fail. The importance of adhering to standards often only hits home when one loses loved ones in road accidents, like what happened to Peter in 2012. Also, gain insights on key standards that keep Australian and New Zealand road networks amongst the safest in the world.


  • Peter Frazer

    Founder and President,
    Safer Australian Roads
    and Highways Inc.,
    Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • Michael Holderness

    Application Engineering Manager,
    Transportation Safety Div.,
    3M New Zealand, Auckland,
    New Zealand

  • Anoop Hemachandra (Host)

    Area Portfolio Manager, Asia
    Transportation Safety Div.,
    3M India, Bangalore, India

Key Takeaways

  • How standards that govern the way we build and maintain our road network have a direct impact on the number and severity of crashes.
  • Understand how the science of retro-reflectivity and continuous improvement in road transportation networks can reduce traffic accidents and fatalities.
  • More humanistic perspectives on the questions: If we are willing to compromise on standards, what are we saying a life is worth? What if that life is of someone you love?

Attend the webinar to learn how standards for safe infrastructure has helped to make Australian and New Zealand road networks amongst the safest in the world.

Our upcoming sessions to look out for

  • Towards safer road infrastructure in Thailand

    Thursday, 17th December 2020
    12 - 1:30pm Singapore, GMT +08:00

    Prof. Dr. Kasem Choocharukul
    Assoc. Dean, Chulalongkorn Univ. & Mgr. of ThaiRAP, Thailand

  • Malaysia Motorcycle Safety Research - Visibility Enhancement and Regulation Update

    Thursday, 14th January 2021
    12 - 1:30pm Singapore, GMT +08:00

    Muhamad Syukri Abdul Khalid
    Sen. Research Officer, MIROS, MOT, Malaysia

  • Blackspot Mitigation and Safety Programs in Rural Road Network of Thailand

    Thursday, 18th February, 2021
    12 - 1:30pm Singapore, GMT +08:00

    Dr. Khajonsak Jermprapai
    Senior Traffic Engineer, DRR - Bureau of Traffic Safety, Thailand

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