An high level view of the transportation infrastructure.
Building the safer roads of tomorrow. Starting today.

3M™ Connected Roads help improve roadway safety and efficiency through enhanced transportation infrastructure for both human drivers and connected automated vehicles.

3M™ Connected Roads

Solutions for the Road Ahead

Innovative materials. Advanced technologies. Optimized infrastructure for smarter vehicles.

For over 80 years, 3M has been developing solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of our roads. Now, as human drivers, vehicles with advanced driver assist systems (ADAS), connected and automated vehicles and ultimately self-driving cars share our roads, we present the next evolution of transportation infrastructure solutions.

  • Automated driving solutions.
    Automated Driving

    As human drivers begin to share our roads with automated vehicles, 3M is leading the way in understanding the interaction between the road and machine vision to enhance infrastructure for both humans and automated systems.

  • Urban mobility solutions
    Urban Mobility

    The world is moving toward higher-density cities, which creates transportation challenges. As fleets of autonomous vehicles, sometimes called robotaxis, become more common, we’re working to help improve safety for everyone sharing the road.

  • Rural Mobility solutions
    Rural Mobility

    Rural areas present their own mobility challenges; it can be difficult for both automated vehicles and human drivers to stay on the road or react to road signs. We are developing practical solutions that help bring families home safely.

  • Automated Freight solutions
    Automated Freight

    Automated fleets are currently on the road and expanding every day. They present opportunities for efficiency, cost savings and improved safety. Learn about the unique needs of automated freight and how 3M is addressing those needs with our roadway materials.

Building a Digital Infrastructure

Connecting the Vehicle to the Road

Fueling mobility. Improving safety. Enabling intelligent infrastructure for connected roads.

  • Traffic safety and mobility
    Road Safety

    See our family of roadway products to help you improve traffic safety and mobility today.

  • Automated vehicles road safety
    Watch how Automated Vehicles See the Roads

    This blog article on our Road Safety site will show and explain how vehicles equipped with ADAS, and the driverless vehicles of the future, perceive and interpret their surroundings.

  • Frequently ask questions
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Visit our 3M™ Connected Roads Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about common industry and pavement marking questions.

Featured Products for Connected Roads

The next evolution of intelligent infrastructure.

We’re hard at work developing new solutions to improve the roads for human drivers and connected automated vehicles (CAVs). Learn more about these featured 3M™ Connected Roads products and how they can help you improve safety and mobility.

  • 3M™ Connected Roads All Weather Elements
    3M™ Connected Roads All Weather Elements

    Liquid pavement markings containing 3M high index, durable optics provide high visibility for both human and machine vision systems in dry and wet, day and nighttime conditions.

  • 3M™ Connected Roads Contrast Tape Series
    3M™ Connected Roads Contrast Tape Series 380ADAS

    High-contrast, durable and high-retroreflectivity pavement marking tape optimised for visibility and detection for both human drivers and connected automated vehicles (CAVs).