Vehicle Registration and License Plate Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

At 3M, we’re committed to supporting the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and other agencies with comprehensive vehicle registration solutions that help optimise processes, reduce costs, and deliver licence plates that are bright, durable, and effective for vehicle identification.   

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Direct Fulfilment Systems for Licence Plate Production

Accelerate your licence plate and registration form operations to keep your customers moving.

The Benefits of 3M™ High Definition Licence Plate Sheeting

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    The next generation of licence plate sheeting is here. Are you thinking about transforming your licence plate production with high definition licence plate sheeting? Micro-replicated optical elements make HDLP sheeting bright and easy to read, even in the rain or at night.    

Featured Vehicle Registration Solutions

Deliver quality licence plates with 3M vehicle registration solutions.

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    3M™ Direct Fulfilment System

    Formerly called Registration Fulfillment Services, the 3M Direct Fulfillment System provides a fast turnaround to help you manage inventory and operational costs. This complete service incorporates motor vehicle credential data, transactions, manufacturing, and distribution—all in one.

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    3M™ Precision Plate System and Plate Builder Software

    Part of the Direct Fulfilment System, 3M™ Precision Plate System and Plate Builder Software optimises your licence plate production with faster printing and greater flexibility. Use it with our HDLP sheeting to ensure a high-quality product and a 5-year warranty.

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