Licence Plate Manufacturing Solutions for Correctional Facilities

Licence plate production systems for correctional facilities. Real-world, hands-on training for inmates.

Correctional facilities play an important role in the production of licence plates. By working with 3M, correctional facilities have access to a full suite of equipment, materials, resources, and support to help them produce high-quality licence plates.     

Streamline Your Operations With 3M Digital Licence Plate Solutions

Our easy-to-use 3M™ Plate Builder software integrates with the 3M™ Precision Plate System.

Our cloud-based Plate Builder Software will help you manage your licence plate production. Automate order entry, track production information, and produce detailed reports.     

  • 3M Plate Builder application.
    See Plate Builder in Action

    Watch the 3M™ Plate Builder video to learn more about how the cloud-based software works, what it does and how you can use it to improve your licence plate production processes:

    • Automate order entry.
    • Track production information from order to shipment.
    • Create detailed reports.
    • Configure user access based on the selected role with secure user logins.

    View 3M™ Plate Builder Software

  • 3M Precision Plate System
    3M™ Precision Plate System

    The 3M™ Precision Plate System is a digital licence plate printing solution that can help your production:

    • Improve efficiency by eliminating ribbon change-overs and printer pauses for ink refills.
    • Speed up production at a rate of 3x faster than 3M's Thermal Transfer Printer.
    • Reduce waste by eliminating gaps between jobs.
    • Increase flexibility by printing photo-realistic resolutions on white sheeting with made-to-order configurations.

    View 3M™ Precision Plate System

Equip Inmates With Skills

Hands-on training. Real-world skills. Preparation for life.

  • learn more about how to create and design a vehicle number license plate

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    A primary focus for correctional facilities is preparing inmates for the day they’re released. One thing we can do to help them adjust to life outside the facility is to provide them with training and real-world skills. By allowing inmates to work with 3M’s technologically advanced licence plate production equipment and software, you’re preparing them with software and digital printing skills.      

Receive Design and Equipment Support From 3M

A team of experts to support you in your licence plate manufacturing.

Our team of vehicle registration and licence plate production experts, including an in-house licence plate design team and equipment installation consultants, are here to support you in the production process.

  • A woman looks at a computer screen that has a vehicle number plate design

    The 3M Licence Plate Design Services Team

    Our team of full-time professional designers can help create beautiful and functional licence plate designs that are readable by both human drivers and cameras. We’ll help ensure your new plates perform at their best, and we can even incorporate authenticity features to strengthen the security of your plates.    

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