About 3M Print Industry Products and Applications

  • Depend on 3M printing solutions to keep your presses and operations running efficiently. We focus on helping your team quickly perform critical tasks with ease. Put our printing products and expertise to work.

    • Flexographic printing: Correct plate mounting for optimum print quality at any speed; more efficient press operation; easier plate mounting and removal
    • Web handling: Splittable flying splices, zero-speed and general splices, roll closing and tabbing
    • Metallising surfaces with 3M™ Evaporation Boats to gain more creative results
    • Wear components made of 3M™ Silicon Nitride to help your production equipment withstand abrasive materials and minimise downtime 

Printing Applications

  • Great flexo print quality begins by mounting plates with the right amount of firmness.

  • Confidently splice substrates such as plastics and foils, and keep your print jobs moving smoothly.

  • Keep presses running full speed with dependable splices that minimise fiber contamination and web disruption.

  • For all kinds of materials and surfaces, at high and low temperatures, we have the splicing tapes you need.

  • Make high performance splices that hold securely on many grades of brown paper and paperboard.

  • Increase output, reduce waste, and meet deadlines with splicing tapes and nose tabs.

Printing Resources