• Layered illustration of Crystalline Silicon Application for solar module manufacturing

    Crystalline Silicon for Solar Module Manufacturing

Junction Box Bonding

3M™ Solar Acrylic Foam Tape technology enables rapid attachment of junction boxes on solar modules.

Light Redirecting Film

LRF goes over tabbing ribbons to prove 1.5 - 2.5% increased module power.

Cell Positioning

Durable tapes ensure reliable, long-term application for cosmetic masking and cell positioning.


Fast-curing encapsulants provide broadband transmission and good material properties.

Frame Bonding

Tapes provide durable attachment solutions, are easy to apply, and provide immediate holding strength.

Frame Free Tape

Acrylic foam tape with superior weathering backing for solar panel edge sealing.

Dielectric Insulation

Provide reliable dielectric insulation for buses/foils in thin film solar.

EPE Film

EPE films are used for cosmetic masking to create an appealing appearance in solar modules.

Anti-reflection Coating

Water-based and solvent-based coating to increase glass transmission and anti-soiling.

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