view of the globe and city lights from space, depicting power generation technology
Helping meet the escalating global demand for energy

From optimising your power generation systems, to boosting the output of solar panels, 3M Science helps you meet the always-on expectations of an energy-driven world.


Power Generation Energy Solutions

  • 3M has more than a decade of experience making solar energy a practical reality.

    We offer proven tapes, advanced films, and coatings that help improve performance and weatherability, while driving down cost per watt.

    Solar Module Manufacturing
    Solar Installation

  • We help the wind industry achieve performance and reliability in harsh environments.

    From specialised wind protection tapes, to vortex generators, to electrical splices, 3M provides power generation technologies for building and maintaining wind applications around the world.

  • image of nuclear reactors releasing steam
    Nuclear Energy

    Our advanced materials are fundamental in maintaining safety in commercial nuclear power operations.

    3M™ Stable Isotopes are used for neutron absorption, nuclear chemistry, and nuclear fuel control. They’re fundamental building blocks that help operations run smoothly and safely.

Supporting Products for Power Systems

Related 3M Power Generation Solutions

  • Oil and gas refinery on a blue sky background.
    Fossil Fuels

    From exploration and production, to transport and refining, 3M supplies thousands of products to the global oil and gas industry.

    We offer a wealth of innovative solutions to promote safety, improve productivity, and extend the life of assets.

    Oil & Gas Products

  • Fork lift driver in a warehouse carrying a load of boxes.
    Fuel Cells

    With assistance from 3M materials science, fuel cells are helping to power a more secure, sustainable future.

  • commercial liquid hydrogen tank
    Cryogenic Insulation

    Efficient, durable thermal insulation for the cryogenic storage of gases and liquified gases like hydrogen, nitrogen, liquid natural gas, oxygen, and argon. Reduce your boil-off rate, lower your material and fuel costs while increasing tank capacity, insulate your storage vessels with a robust material that can withstand transport and thermal cycling, and capitalize on the growing hydrogen economy.

    Cryogenic Insulation Solutions