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Image of plant worker installing components on an assembly line
Clear Connections, Clean Components with 3M Electronic Solutions

3M offers a collection of products for clear data communication and precision cleaning to promote efficient assembly process performance.

Electronics solutions for industrial manufacturing and automation

The precision to optimize industrial automation

You need your industrial automation assembly process to run efficiently. That means precise data and communications and spotlessly clean components and parts. That’s where we come in.

Imagine if you had continuous shutdowns due to poor data transmission resulting in significant impact on the industrial manufacturing process leading to defects, lower yields and increased assembly line down time. 3M products are carefully designed to help keep two-way data communication running smoothly.

We also recognize that oils, silicones, dust, and particulates can have negative effects on electronic and electrical components. 3M’s precision cleaners play an important role in keeping components free and clean of potentially harmful dirt and debris.

Manufacturing and industrial automation applications, display enhancement and cleaning for electronics

  • Is your facility ready for the next industrial revolution? Designing tomorrow’s factories and distribution centers is all about finding ways to work smarter. Industrial automation systems are a powerful ally for delivering efficiency and productivity gains. Combining next-generation industrial technology with bench-to-bench support, collaborate with 3M to design a more modern operation that allows you to save on labor and maintenance while staying ahead of the competition.

  • Image of a factory worker utilizing a touchscreen display on the assembly line.
    Display enhancement and protection films

    Films and adhesives for the enhancement and protection of displays used in a wide range of environments.

  • 3M Novec fluids are a broad range of industrial and electronic cleaning solvents, compatible with common substrates (metals, plastics and PCBs) and effective at removing greases, oils, fluxes and more. Plus, their low global warming potential and higher margin of worker safety than nPB or TCE help you protect people and the planet. Find the right Novec fluid to enable quality processes and products.

  • Electronics manufacturing – automated or manual – requires exacting levels of cleanliness. 3M™ Novec™ Aerosol Cleaners combine effective cleaning performance with a wide margin of safety and low global warming potential in a convenient aerosol form. They work well on energized components, penetrate tight spaces, and can remove everything from light oils to challenging fluxes before evaporating with no residue.

Industrial and manufacturing product categories

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Achieving more effective interfaces, today and for the future.

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