• 3M™ Window Films reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat that comes through windows text graphic.

    When you enhance your windows with 3M™ Window Film, you can live more comfortably without changing your view. Whether you want to help even out the temperature in your home, protect furniture from fading, lower your energy costs or guard against break-in attempts, you can trust 3M™ Window Films.

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How window films work.

  • Arrows demonstrate how window films reduce the amount of solar heat transmitted through your home’s windows while letting in natural light.
    The science of sun control.

    By reducing the amount of heat gained through transmission of sunlight, 3M™ Window Films let in the natural light you love while rejecting heat and UV rays. Window films can help you lower energy costs, eliminate hot spots, reduce glare and protect your furnishings — all without affecting your view.

    • Reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat
    • Evenly disperse natural light
    • Block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays
  • As shown in two diagrams, some window films only protect homes when the sun is perpendicular to a window, but 3M™ Prestige Series Window Films perform best when the sun is high—also the hottest time of day.
    The science of the 3M™ Prestige Series.

    What sets our Prestige Series films apart is the precision with which light waves are controlled as they pass through or reflect off of hundreds of layers of film. Compared to other films, Prestige Series Window Films increase their performance at a faster rate as the sun’s angle increases. That means greater protection and comfort when you need it the most. 

    All window films are tested when the sun is perpendicular to the window. 3M™ Prestige Series Window Films are tested and perform best when the sun is high, at the hottest part of the day. 

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Bright, clear, floor-to-ceiling windows provide an unfettered view of the ocean from a high-perched loft thanks to window films.

Room for a view

Sausalito, CA, Case Study

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Protect your furnishings.

Keep furniture, walls, art, flooring and window treatments looking like new by blocking UV rays.

  • A window above an old-fashioned home radiator lets in light but rejects damaging UV rays that would damage the home’s hardwood floors.

    Like memories, pictures fade over time. Unfortunately, your furniture, walls, flooring and even expensive, custom window treatments can lose color and break down with sun exposure. Help protect your drapery, blinds and furnishings, and proudly display your art and photos, with the protection of 3M™ Window Films.

  • A pie chart demonstrates the causes of fading: 25% from solar heat; 40% from UV rays; 25% from visible light and 10% from other factors.

    Ways 3M™ Window Films help reduce rate of fading:

    • Block up to 99% of harmful UV rays — the principal cause of fading
    • Reject solar heat, which can continually heat fabrics and other surfaces, causing them to break down and discolor over time
    • Filter visible light, which can accelerate fading

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Lower cooling costs.

Reduce hot spots to help save on cooling costs.

  • A young woman adjusts the temperature on her thermostat.

    Give your cooling system — and your wallet — a break with 3M™ Sun Control Window Films. Stay cool and comfortable all day long by rejecting up to 78% of the sun’s heat coming through your windows.

    • Reduce home cooling costs up to 30%
    • Use less energy
    • Let in the light without the heat

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  • *Disclaimer:
    Potential savings values are approximate and provided for general reference purposes only. Regional temperatures‚ energy costs‚ and emissions based on national averages published by the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency. Actual energy savings will vary depending on the HVAC system‚ average indoor/outdoor temperature‚ length of cooling season‚ geography‚ actual energy costs‚ and other factors. Data shown represents center of glass values in accordance to NFRC 100/200‚ and is measured on NFRC required glass types‚ actual performance will vary with specific glass type. Emission savings estimates are based on average CO2 emissions from electric power generation per region in the United States as determined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as of July 2000. These savings estimates account for emission reductions resulting from potential decreased electricity usage for home cooling only; they do not account for CO2 emissions that may result from manufacturing processes.
Breaking & Entering Video

3M™ Safety & Security Film. Breaking & Entering Video

Reduce glare.

Cut down on eyestrain and discomfort from excessive light.

  • A young woman happily works on a laptop near a sunny window, unconcerned about glare.

    Enjoy natural light while reading or watching TV — without suffering from eyestrain caused by glare. Seeing clearly will improve your efficiency when working (or playing) on a laptop, computer or other mobile devices.

    • Enjoy every room in your home from sunrise to sunset
    • Reclaim sunny rooms for work or relaxation

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Improve safety and security.

From break-and-enter crimes to accidents, 3M™ Window Films work invisibly to help keep dangers out.

  • A person dressed in all black tries to look into a home he might want to rob through a window with reflective, security-enhancing window films.

    Get an added layer of protection while preserving the appearance of your home and windows with 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films. They make windows harder to penetrate and help hold glass fragments together after impact from break-ins and accidents.

    • Reduce the potential of injury from flying glass 
    • Impede robbers and burglars with windows that are harder to break and enter
    • Guard against natural causes of window impact
    • Help improve the overall performance of these films with the addition of 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems

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Enhance privacy and style.

Add privacy and style to your home without sacrificing natural light.

  • The windows in a brightly lit room have a decorative window film, adding beauty while enhancing privacy.

    Enhance your privacy while customizing your space with 3M™ Decorative Window Films. Ideal for foyers, entryways, partitions, shower doors, bathroom windows, verandas or other glass surfaces. 3M™ Decorative Window Films are available in a variety of patterns from subtle to sophisticated design statements.

    • Let natural light in while enhancing privacy
    • Create an open feel, even in small spaces
    • Create the illusion of etched, treated or texturized glass with 3M™ Fasara™ Films
    • Get the elegant look of textured glass with 3M™ Crystal Glass Finishes

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Home and away.

Increase your comfort, protection and privacy while on the road with 3M™ Automotive Window Films. Professional 3M Authorized Automotive Dealer Installers carry an array of automotive window films, which can deliver many of the same benefits you'll see at home.

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