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    January 8

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Fall Protection Product Support

When it comes to safety, there’s no such thing as too much information. That’s why we’re happy to share our decades of experience and industry knowledge to help keep workers at-height safe, comfortable and compliant.

  • Close up of worker using 3M Fall Protection for Tools products

    Working at height poses a series of unique risks to the workplace. Height safety requires more than just protecting workers from the risks of working at height. Objects dropped from height can result in personal injury to workers, others at the worksite and equipment, yet these hazards are often overlooked in planning for workplace safety. Remember, fall protection is about you; dropped object prevention is about those around you.

Fall Protection Training Options

  • Workers wearing 3M Fall protection PPE

    When it comes to protecting your work site, look for quality training courses in world-class facilities, providing curriculums or custom programs that meet your needs. Comprehensive training will provide practical, hands-on experience that incorporates elements workers encounter on a daily basis, including scaffolding, fixed ladders, towers, sloped roofs, rebar walls, elevated catwalks, I-beams and confined spaces. Training courses are designed to meet key industry regulations and standards.

    Workers’ lives are on the line every day, but ensuring their safety starts long before the job begins. No one understands this better than 3M Fall Protection. Our training is based on more than 70 years of experience in fall protection applications around the globe.

A Plan for Safety

An effective fall protection or rescue program doesn't happen by accident, and it takes more than just buying some equipment. It starts with a plan and a commitment to follow it to the letter. Get sample fall protection and rescue plans and related resources.