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From the moment a commercial brick and mortar facility is built, ongoing facility maintenance and renovations are required to continue to offer a high level of customer and occupant experience, improve operation, and stay competitive in today’s environment. With the daily ebb and flow of employees and visitors throughout a facility, surfaces can begin to be worn and damaged, or simply go out of design trend.

In some cases, these renovations may simply be about aesthetics – interior and exterior. This could be focused on maintaining the current look and feel of the facility or making updates to the current structures to alter the design to stay current with customer experience expectations. In other cases, they may be about adding additional functionality to the existing facility and operation. This could range from modifying the existing glass surfaces in a building to increase energy savings or adding safety and security features.

At some point in a building’s lifecycle, these renovations will not be enough, and a more complete remodel or re-build will need to be completed in which the framework and structure of the building will be transformed. These are much more intense projects from both a cost and operational impact and can add a heavy burden for a business.

Our goal is to help you grow your business through enhanced customer and brand experience. To that end, 3M has developed a portfolio of Architectural Finishes and Window Films that are designed to improve the renovation process and help extend the time between costly and impactful full remodels.

Interior renovation materials

Millworks & doors

Millworks (cabinets, reception/lobby desks, furniture, etc) and doors can become damaged or simply dated over time. 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finish and Specialty Films offer a way to resurface existing millworks and doors, to look the same or modify the design, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, with reduced impact on the operation (faster implementation), and with minimal mess or odor during the installation. The reuse of the millworks also offers the ability to obtain LEED credits and substantial reductions in landfill waste from traditional replacement approaches.

Glass films

Glass continues to be an important element in architecture and construction and provides a surface for both aesthetic and function. 3M’s portfolio of decorative glass films ( 3M™ Fasara Glass Finishes, 3M™ Dusted/Frosted Crystal, and 3M™ optically clear digital print films) offer unlimited design capability to update existing glass. The use of film for this application allows for quick, easy, and cost effective updates to the glass structures over time.

3M’s portfolio of Safety Glass films can also be utilized for building interiors to reduce the impact of spontaneous glass breakage and ensure that your facility is up to current building codes without the need to replace existing glass.

Wall finishes

It is becoming increasingly popular for facilities to utilize their wall spaces to create an engaging experience or represent their brand intent. This can be architectural or graphical. Along with 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finish films, 3M also has a broad portfolio of digital print and specialty films that can be used to personalize your facility and engage your customers. This includes our Envision line of products that have GREENGUARD Gold rating.

Exterior renovation materials

Windows and glass films

Glass often comprises the bulk of the exterior of a commercial brick and mortar facility. So it can have a strong impact on not only aesthetic but also functionality. 3M™ Building Window Films can provide improvements in:


In addition to the glass, 3M also has renovation solutions to update the exterior look of the building from entry ways to building facades (existing metal/HPL or painted metal/HPL exterior surfaces). 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes now have a line of exterior grade materials that can be utilized to update the existing façade quickly and inexpensively and with a high level of durability. This is complemented by 3M™ Specialty Film line of colored film products and overlaminates. This combination, including the ability to create custom colors and patterns, offers facilities essentially unlimited design capability to refresh and update the look of their building. The results can be highly impactful as the exterior is the first impression a customer receives - increase traffic for retail, improve tenant rates for office buildings, etc. 

In all cases for the solutions above, they can be utilized in combination to make dramatic changes to existing buildings/structures that can allow businesses to extend the time between the need for the more costly and impactful remodels.

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