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Facility management solutions for every surface

At 3M, we understand the importance of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. Using our innovative technologies, we provide comprehensive facility management solutions to ensure a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing space for your customers and employees.

Why use 3M facility management solutions?
  • increase labor efficiencies
    Increase labor efficiencies

    Easy to use cleaning solutions and quick access to 3M supported training help your employees stay efficient; saving you money over time.

  • elevate brand image
    Elevate your brand image

    Our facility management solutions help you elevate your brand image by providing a welcoming, clean, and aesthetically pleasing occupant experience.

  • building facility safety
    Protect your people

    Secure your facility occupants and avoid accidental slips, trips and falls with facility and floor safety solutions.

  • sustainable facility management products
    Pursue sustainability
    With 3M's innovative technologies, we provide facility management solutions that meet your sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption waste.

Discover the solutions to help you manage your facility

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Facility management solutions that cater a wide range of industries

3M offers cost-effective facility management solutions for many industries including education, healthcare, retail, hospitality and building service contractors.

  • With so many businesses to choose from, it’s important to keep retail spaces looking clean and safe to keep customers coming back. Our facility management products are designed to help improve cleanliness, safety and sustainability.

  • Get more positive reviews and keep guests coming back by ensuring your maintenance processes are up to the high demand standard guests expect. Learn professional secrets to retaining a “white glove” level of satisfaction.

  • Keep offices workers and students focused on their work and not the state of their surroundings. 3M’s effective office and school cleaning solutions can help you tackle even the toughest maintenance and cleanliness challenges.

  • In any medical or healthcare setting, ensuring the highest maintenance standards is essential. Our hospital cleaning solutions can help you achieve consistent results for safer and cleaner spaces. Create a positive impression of your facility.

  • From maintaining a clean and inviting lobby to ensuring safety is up to code, building management for building service contractors go above and beyond to create a pleasant experience for visitors. Reduce daily upkeep and costs, and boost efficiency with our specialised building maintenance solutions – all while making your facilities look great. ​

floor care and safety solutions
Total floor care solutions

Whether you're looking for a total floor care solution, or just the proper floor pad, our experts will find the right product for you.


We can help you reduce your facility maintenance costs

Explore training and resources

  • facility management training

    From simplifying and standardizing your cleaning procedures to helping you understand industry and regulatory requirements, the facility care institute offers half to full-day workshops that cover both theoretical and hands-on training.

  • View our resources to help do your job and onboard your employees.

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