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Minimize Downtime and Disruption with Resurface Solutions


Building maintenance and renovations are part of every brick and mortar business life cycle including retail, healthcare, hospitality, and office buildings. It is crucial to maintain both an efficient operation and high-quality aesthetic to compete in today’s world of e-commerce, online reviews, and enhanced customer expectation. Some of this work inevitably requires intense construction; however, there are key aspects of a building renovation that can reduce the impact on the business/operation as well as the customer. This includes less downtime through faster implementation and a cleaner installation, achieving less noise, dust, dirt, and debris at a reduced cost compared to traditional construction processes.

So, how can this be done? The answer is 3M’s portfolio of on-trend design, Architectural Finishes and Window Film resurface solutions. Resurfacing means utilizing existing assets in your space by modernizing them with new finishes to achieve an overall updated look and/or functionality. This can include maintaining the current look and feel or updating the aesthetic of the existing structure to align with ongoing customer expectations, as well as adding value to the facility operation and experience through solar or safety/security window films. The reuse of existing assets also allows you to achieve LEED credits and reduce landfill waste in the building renovation process.

Putting it to practice in health care

Facility managers and building owners alike are no stranger to the phrase “time is money” and building shutdowns and downtime in key areas can quickly lead to lost revenue. Implementing solutions that reduce or eliminate a shutdown allows the facility’s operations and key revenue streams to continue or commence sooner.

Rather than continuing to paint the maternity ward doors every three months or replacing them altogether, a hospital tried an alternative solution with the application of 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes from 3M. The installation process saved the facility downtime and labor while providing enhanced aesthetics.

Similarly, a hospital was able to reduce their overall room renovation time by three weeks through resurfacing compared to full removal and replacement of existing cabinets with 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes. By choosing to resurface the cabinets instead of replacing them, they reduced overall renovation cost by 75 percent and achieved a significant improvement in cleanliness.

This value proposition can be applied across all commercial properties (retail, hospitality, financial, education, government, office buildings). DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes offer an efficient and cost-effective alternative to material replacement and can transform a space quickly while also offering extended durability, which is necessary to keep hospital operations running smoothly. With endless aesthetic possibilities, the design of the finishes can be selected to fit the facility’s overall goal of matching recent design changes and decreasing the frequency of maintenance.

And renovation doesn’t stop with doors and cabinets. A three-story children’s museum wanted unique design solutions for its walls and windows to create spaces that would spark learning and play for the children that visit.

Knowing the additions needed to be installed quickly and with limited disturbance to attendance, the museum utilized architectural glass finishes for the renovation. 3M™ Dichroic Chill and  3M™ Dichroic Blaze films were applied to the building’s towering interior windows and achieved the appearance of stained glass in addition to a shifting and transparent visual experience.

Preserve your facility surfaces

Before reaching the resurfacing phase, there are products you can be using now to preserve the condition of your facility’s surfaces. This proactive approach can prolong material life and reduce future renovation costs.

A Las Vegas city hall (PDF, 612 KB) put this into practice by using a new floor protection system. With lots of people coming and going, it was hard to combat scuffs and keep its 11,000 square feet of terrazzo stone floor looking clean. To reduce the monthly scrub and recoat process, the facility adopted and applied the  3M™ Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protection System. The new solution is a two-step installation and only requires upkeep every six to nine months.

Achieving and maintaining the look and feel of high-quality aesthetics is no easy task. However, by utilizing these resurface solutions, facility managers can accomplish ongoing maintenance and updates while ensuring quality service and maintaining its reputation and revenue flow.

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