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Discover innovative solutions to maximise facility productivity, safety and sustainability

There are many factors that impact a building’s overall cleaning strategy, from surface types to traffic levels to environmental impact. With so many elements to consider, the process can often seem costly and time consuming, as even the smallest imperfection can lead to negative first impressions. That’s why 3M utilises its science, technology and innovative spirit to develop a systems-based approach and cleaning techniques to daily cleaning tasks, leading to decreased labor costs and waste as well as maximizing your safety and sustainability efforts.

  • Daily cleaning made easy

    Keeping up with advancements in cleaning technology can help you identify where you can optimize current processes to make daily cleaning easier, safer and more sustainable. Although it may be tempting to select products solely based on initial cost, it’s vital to also consider return-on-investment and labor implications.

    Daily cleaning doesn’t have to be a challenge as 3M commercial cleaning solutions are designed to complement each other and lead to better results with ongoing and consistent use. A comprehensive and effective facility plan should include:

    1. Floor Protection

    3M™ Floor Protection Systems can reduce long-term product use and labor costs by extending a floor’s maintenance cycle, leading to a lower total cost of ownership. Additionally, both Scotchgard ™ Stone Floor Protector and Scotchgard™ Resilient Floor Protector from 3M have been certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) for “high traction,” ensuring improved safety in addition to providing long-lasting protection.

    2. Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting

    Dirt, debris and bacteria can travel in many different ways, even during daily cleaning tasks. 3M™ Easy Clean Disposable Mop Pads eliminate the need for a mop and bucket and prevent cross-contamination from room to room, minimizing the risk of infection. Additionally, the Scotch-Brite™ Professional Mopping & Floor Finish Applicator System features interchangeable components that help cleaning staff comfortably and efficiently dust, mop and apply floor finish.

    When it comes to disinfecting, 3M Chemical Management Systems help ensure accurate chemical dilution, so you know the job is done right the first time. The 3M™ Flow Control System[/Plugin:URLSEORenderingPlugin] is on average 60 percent more accurate at diluting chemical concentrates than the nearest competitive system when tested under laboratory conditions at water pressures ranging from 20 to 120 psi.

    3. An Immediate Impact with Every Clean

    Ensuring that the products you use are efficient, effective and environmentally-friendly helps you get the most out of each clean. 3M™ Easy Trap™ Sweep and Dust Sheets trap up to 8X more dirt, dust and debris than both conventional flat-fringed cotton dust mops and the common household sweeping dust cloth brand. Scotch-Brite™ Clean & Shine Pads are designed to clean and shine in the same step, using only a low-speed scrubber. With the 2-in-1 daily cleaning pad, cleaning staff can reduce or eliminate the need to burnish and save time on labor costs without sacrificing results.

    Additionally, Clean & Shine Pads are Green Seal® certified – a certification which recognizes floor pads that provide life cycle impact reduction and environmental benefits without sacrificing quality and efficiency. When used in combination with Easy Trap Sweep and Dust Sheets, you can get more out of each clean, increase productivity and support your sustainability initiatives.

    4. Promoting a Clean & Safe Facility

    The best way to prevent accidents is to take a proactive approach. 3M™ Matting Products can help mitigate slips and trips, as well as keep dirt and debris from entering a facility – decreasing the need for frequent mopping and vacuuming and helping you make a good first impression with every guest. Like Scotchgard Stone Floor Protector and Scotchgard Resilient Floor Protector, 3M Matting Products are also certified by NFSI for “high traction”.

    Slip-Resistant Tapes & Treads provide traction in dry, wet or oily conditions to avoid hazardous and potentially dangerous situations.

    Daily cleaning doesn’t need to be complicated. With a few strategic steps, any facility can use an innovative, systems-based approach to successfully address aesthetics, safety, productivity, sustainability and more. With effective, easy-to-use 3M systems for daily cleaning and floor care, you can simplify the cleaning process and reduce cleaning frequency over time for beautiful, consistent results with less labor.

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