gloved health care cleaning professional disposing of a 3M disposable mop pad

Disposable mop pads: Why you should use it?

Infection prevention happens at a microscopic level through the cleaning and disinfecting strategies that facility managers dictate. It can feel insurmountable – no facility is 100 percent free of germs, but there are several products and practices that inhibit the spread of germs and benefit the overall facility.

With the rise of costs linked to healthcare-associated infections, infection prevention practices in hospitals are increasingly more important to keep costs down and patients healthy. Utilising a disposable mop pad rather than a washable mop is one simple way to control the growth and spread of harmful microorganisms, keep patients safe, and avoid costly infections.

Washable vs disposable

Washable mop pads are comprised of materials such as microfiber or cotton and facilities launder them for repeated use. Smaller facilities may use a string mop and bucket to clean with a hose and sink, which is a tedious and ineffective practice.

On the other side of the spectrum, disposable mop pads are single use by design. Other than washing the pad after use, the notable difference between the two kinds of floor cleaning pads is the outcome.

Mopping should be germ-stopping

Washable mop pads, even after laundering, can be the culprit for spreading germs during the cleaning process. Mitigating the dispersion of microbes is critical in all facilities, especially healthcare settings that have patients with vulnerable immune systems.

Research shows that washable mop pads do not return to a state of necessary cleanliness after washing and can harbor dangerous bacteria that contribute to cross-contamination. In fact, a 2013 study discovered that 27 percent of newly laundered mop heads from 11 different hospitals tested positive for pathogens.

Every washable mop pad needs an exact temperature and time to be properly disinfected, but most washing procedures are inadequate and can ruin a mop’s cleaning ability by breaking down the microfiber. Disposable mop pads guarantee consistency with the same scrubbing power and cleanliness, while reducing the risk of spreading bacteria. 

Indispensable benefits

In addition to infection prevention, the decision to switch from a washable pad to a disposable floor cleaning pad comes with a host of benefits that positively impact the cleaning experience, from ease of use to visual appearance and efficiencies for better overall cleanliness.

  • Alleviates cleaning fatigue: Mopping a large surface is repetitious and places strain on cleaning staff as the drag of a mop indicates the level of effort an employee exerts when they use the pad. The 3M™ Easy Clean Disposable Floor Mop Pad is low-drag, requiring less effort with low adherence and friction, and is an immediate solution for relief.
  • Fosters better first impressions: For guests, the view of a stained string mop and bucket can damper their impression of the space. In addition, if the washable mop pad is not properly cleaned it can carry an unpleasant smell. Disposable mop pads remove these olfactory and visual hindrances from the equation.
  • Enhances productivity: An already time-consuming job, disposable mop pads cut out steps. Cleaning staff can simply dispose the mop pad after cleaning, versus the need to identify someone and somewhere to properly wash the mop pad.
  • Retains cleaning effectiveness: The frequent washing of a mop pad will deteriorate the cleaning ability of the mop overall. Choosing a disposable mop pad helps with quality control and ensuring the most effectual clean, every time.
  • Increases safety: Removing the need to store and transport soiled mops for washing will eliminate the potential for bacteria exposure to staff and guests.

Disposable mop pads are a new advancement that allow facilities to experience unrealized benefits such as greater efficacy, and most importantly, provide another avenue for infection prevention. To explore more benefits of disposable mop pads, learn more about 3M moppping solutions.

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