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Sustainable cleaning made easy with 3M chemical solutions

How Accuracy and Sustainability Go Hand-in-Hand

  • Sustainability as a practice encompasses more than simply using ‘green’ cleaning products. Environmental consciousness is not just about purchasing decisions but affects the way we clean as a whole. An area of opportunity for environmentally preferable efforts is in the chemical usage and concentrate accuracy of dispensing systems. 

    There is a mutually beneficial harmony between increased chemical accuracy and overall sustainability, but many overlook the correlation. By putting into practice an accurate chemical control system, facility managers can also maximize product usage, budget, safety, and surface longevity.

Consequences of Inaccuracy

  • An inaccurate chemical dispenser can have repercussions in more ways than subpar cleanliness by potentially causing budget pressure, labor issues, safety concerns, facility damage and compliance.

    • Budget overtures: The trouble with an inconsistent dispensing system is that it is often sporadically inconsistent – sometimes it mixes too much, sometimes not enough. This inconsistency makes it nearly impossible to accurately predict how much product is used, how much to order and if you will meet your budget target without overspending.
    • Labor increases: Incorrectly mixed concentrates will not perform as needed, requiring redo’s and increased costs associated with the labor of cleaning surfaces twice. On the flip side, choosing to not re-clean a surface because the mixture was overdiluted can contribute to dirty surfaces or allow the potential spread of dangerous pathogens.
    • Harmful exposure: Over-diluting the chemical concentrate can result in dangerous exposure and put your cleaning staff and facility guests at risk of encountering unsafe chemicals. Under-diluting US EPA registered products could result in improper active ingredient concentrations that are required for pathogen efficacy. Ultimately this could render the disinfectant ineffective and put patients and staff at risk.
    • Surface degradation: A chemical mix that is overly acidic or basic not only wastes unnecessary product but can strip various surfaces causing unnecessary repairs and replacements. 
    • Compliance: Chemical management systems reduce human errors in measuring, providing confidence that dispensed chemicals meet regulatory requirements consistently.

Environmental Benefits

  • Another important result of accurate chemical use is the environmental advantage it can bring to your facility. The correct combination of chemical concentrate and water prevents excess depletion of expensive disinfectants and eliminates product waste. Additionally, an accurate mixture will dispense exactly the right amount of water, thus reducing water usage for the facility.

Accuracy is Attainable

  • It’s clear the accuracy, or lack thereof, in your chemical concentrates can impact many parts of your facility management from budget, to labor expenditures and the building’s overall carbon footprint. To solve the pain points that come with inaccuracy, the 3M Chemical Management Systems portfolio offers the precision that will help you and your cleaning staff properly dilute chemical concentrates. 

    The 3M Chemical Management Systems is comprised of two unique products to help reach improved accuracy:

    1. The 3M Flow Control System is a compact solution designed to minimize chemical waste with a diverse assortment of 25 industrial and commercial chemical concentrates. On average, the 3M Flow Control system is 60 percent more accurate at diluting chemical concentrates than the nearest competitive system when tested under laboratory conditions. Its three-point locking mechanism limits the potential of chemical exposure, protecting cleaning staff.
    2. The 3M™ Twist ’n Fill™ is a versatile chemical dispenser that dilutes up to 33 different 3M chemical concentrates within seconds. Each bottle is specifically designed for use only with this dispenser and comes with the dilution metering tip built into the cap of the bottle to stay on target. This system brings more accurate dilutions, easy mixing, less waste and potential long-term savings.

    Achieving an accurate chemical mixture may seem like an inconsequential facet in the grand scheme of your facility upkeep or sustainability strategy, but inaccuracies in chemical dispensing can take a toll on both the bottom line, facility safety, compliance and the environment. 

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