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3M™ Filtek™ Universal Restorative is transforming single-shade restorations.

  • Do you use a single shade for most of your restorations? Then you’ll love 3M™ Filtek™ Universal Restorative, designed to make esthetic single-shade restorations … easier. Just 8 designer shades and an Extra White cover all 19 VITA classical and bleach shades. Featuring NaturalMatch technology with proprietary low-stress monomers—which we combined with 3M’s TRUE nanotechnology—to help reduce shrinkage stress.

    Why sacrifice esthetics for efficiency? With Filtek Universal Restorative, you can have both in a universal …it’s universally simpler.

    See how it can make your day simpler.

Clinical Cases
  • by Dr Walter Devoto, Italy.

    A 35-year-old female patient expressed a desire to optimise existing composite restorations on her maxillary central incisors, which had been placed 15 years previously to close her diastema. Then, a silicone key had been used for guidance. No tooth preparation was carried out, as the composite was bonded to the tooth structure.

  • by Dr Jordi Manauta, Italy.

    The main challenge in this case was to create a naturallooking, anatomically correct tooth shape. To simplify the procedure, we used an anterior matrix system and 3M™ Filtek™ Universal Restorative, because it was designed for the single-shade technique, and has great modeling properties and a chameleon effect for good optical integration.

  • by Dr Jihyon Kim, US.

    The patient presented unaesthetic black triangles in the upper anterior and lower anterior sextants. He had recently completed orthodontic treatment to address the black triangles and was disappointed that the orthodontic treatment actually worsened the aesthetic dilemma. He was looking for a conservative solution to close his black triangles.

  • by Dr Richard Young, US.

    The challenge in this case was maintaining the beautiful contours of the anterior tooth’s natural structure, and matching the dentition. 3M™ Filtek™ Universal Restorative along with a Bioclear® Matrix were used to restore this complex Class III so that it would be virtually unnoticeable.

The sciences behind the simplicity
  • An inside look at our simplified shade selection

    Most dentists use a single shade for 80% of their restorations.* See how you can simplify shading and still have highly esthetic results.


  • The technical story of esthetics and endurance
    • NaturalMatch technology
    • Universal opacity
    • TRUE nanotechnology
    • Proprietary low-stress monomers
  • See how a unique capsule tip makes placement easier

    Can using a tip that’s longer be the difference between reaching the base of a deep restoration … or not?

Watch. Learn. Advance.

Filtek Universal Restorative is simple to use—and we made learning more about it simple, too. By presenting important topics in short videos, we’ve created effective learning experiences you can fit into your day.

  • Download Brochure (PDF 7.7 MB)
  • Download Infographic (PDF 159 KB)

  • Download Filtek Family Chart (PDF 395 KB)

  • Download Flyer (PDF 491 KB)