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    soflex polishing discs

    Dental Finishing and Polishing Solutions

    Create natural-looking results, even without the paste.


    Create high-lustre anterior restorations that offer life-like esthetics with the easy-to-use 3M™ Sof-Lex™ Finishing and Polishing System. The polishing discs and strips come in various abrasive grades and thicknesses, colour-coded for the efficient finishing and polishing of composite, compomer and ceramic restorations.

    Further enhance the artistry of your dental work with the innovative Sof-Lex™ Diamond Polishing System, which consists of pre-polishing and diamond-impregnated polishing spirals. This gives your restorations a natural lustre in two steps, even without the use of polishing paste.

    Discover how Sof-Lex’s range of products provide the finishing touches to your restorations.

    A Total Finishing and Polishing Solution, From Start to End

    Colour-coded from dark (coarse) to light (superfine) for easy reference, the Sof-Lex system is designed to help you move efficiently through your finishing and polishing procedure. 

    The Sof-Lex products available in the system are:
    Sof-Lex™ Diamond Polishing System: No paste needed. The pre-polishing spiral prepares the restoration, while the diamond impregnated spiral gives it a gorgeous, life-like lustre.  
    Sof-Lex™ XT Discs: Extra thin discs for contouring and polishing proximal surfaces. 
    Sof-Lex™ Strips: Different grits on each end with uncoated center for easy interproximal insertion. 

    Find out how they fit into your finishing and polishing workflow.

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