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Posterior Restoration

Save time without compromising on strength or esthetics.

Restoratives with High Compressive and Flexural Strength

Simplify your posterior treatments with 3M's Filtek range of flowable, universal and bulk fill restoratives.The compressive strength of 3M dental composites is designed to withstand daily stresses placed on teeth and reduce the risk of tooth fractures, while increased opacity improves esthetics in posterior restorations. Reduced polymerisation shrinkage minimises the incidence of post-operative sensitivity in patients and ensures a dental filling that lasts. With excellent cavity adaptation and controlled flow mechanism for easy handling, procedures for treating Class I and II dental caries are made simple as well.

Discover how 3M posterior dental solutions are designed to improve workflow efficiency and patient outcomes for the most challenging restorations:

  • filtek single step placement feature
    Improved Efficiency

    Single-step placement of 3M™ Filtek One Bulk Fill composite with an easy delivery system that fills and adapts to deep cavities, eliminates voids, and can be light cured up to 5mm for a streamlined workflow.

  • filtek nanocomposite feature
    3M Nanotechnology

    By manipulating the base chemistry in 3M™ Filtek™ One Bulk Fill Restorative, it is possible to control the stages at which the material is opaque and translucent. It is more translucent before curing allowing for 4-5 mm depth of cure.

  • filtek reduced shrinkage stress feature
    Reduced Shrinkage Stress

    3M™ Filtek One Bulk Fill composite is composed of a unique blend of methacrylate monomers. This resin system reduces polymerisation shrinkage stress for enhanced patient comfort and lasting dental restorations.

Dental Class Restorations

  • class 1 composite restoration
    Class I

    The key to a successful Class I restoration is a composite that sculpts easily and is able to mimic the grooves of healthy dentition. 3M™ Filtek ™ One Bulk Fill Restorative​ is viscous and flows-on-demand under pressure (capsule dispensing).

  • class 2 composite restoration
    Class II

    Speed up complex Class II restorations without compromising on strength and esthetics using 3M™ Filtek™ One Bulk Fill Restorative​. Its easy one-step placement and excellent cavity adaptation simplifies the procedure. Opaque and available in 5 shades, it makes natural-looking restorations easier.

Featured Clinical Case Studies

  • esthetic posterior composite restoration case study
  • Simplify dual-shade posterior restoration technique with a bulk fill composite*.

    *The featured products, Filtek Z350 XT Universal Restorative and Single Bond Universal Adhesive are referred to as Filtek Supreme XTE Universal Adhesive and Scotchbond Universal Adhesive respectively in this case study.

Posterior Restoration Techniques and Procedures

See how 3M dental solutions simplify posterior restorations and improve workflow efficiency.

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