3m chemical dispensing system: achieve accuracy in your cleaning chemical concentrates
Deliver Accurate Cleaning Solutions

Develop a safe cleaning chemical programme with 3M Chemical Management Systems.

Chemical Management Solutions—Accuracy Is Attainable
  • Accurate dilution is critical for cleaning efficiency and effectiveness. Too much chemicals and you could damage surfaces, too little and your guests may be exposed to viruses. 3M Chemical Management Solutions simplify mixing chemical concentrates and eliminate the problems of over- or under-dilution. Compact and easy to use, these indispensable dispensers take the guesswork out of mixing.

Consequences of Inaccurate Chemical Concentrates
  • An inaccurate cleaning chemical dispenser can have repercussions in more ways than subpar cleanliness by potentially causing budget pressure, labour issues, safety concerns, facility damage, and compliance.
Under-Dilution (too much chemical) may lead to:
  • Under-Dilution” with a chemical composition graphic.

     Increased Exposure and Costs

    • Over budgeting/increased cost due to inconsistent chemical dispensing
    • Potential for harmful exposure and worker safety hazards
    • Surface degradation caused by overly acidic or basic chemical mixes, increasing replacement costs

    Excess Residue

    • Higher frequency of sticky floors/surfaces
    • Re-cleaning of surfaces
    • Additional labour/effort, increasing labour and product costs
    • Tampering and safety risks
Over-Dilution (too much water) may lead to:
  • Over-Dilution” with a graphic of three droplets.

    Ineffective Disinfectant

    • Decreased efficacy of over-diluted chemicals
    • Potential healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and outbreak risks
    • Higher potential of increased infection/absentee rates
    • Non-compliance with EPA label

    Ineffective Cleaning Ability

    • Re-cleaning of surfaces
    • Increased labour to counter performance issues of incorrectly mixed concentrates and overall costs
    • Tampering and safety risks

    Learn more about the sustainable features of 3M Chemical Management Solutions (PDF, 7.60MB)

Three Systems to Meet Your Chemical Management Needs

3M offers three efficient chemical management systems. With these easy-to-use, next-generation systems in place, it’s accurate dilution at the flip of a dial.

  • An innovative, compact, and lockable dispensing unit that utilises flow control technology to deliver 55% more accurate chemical dilutions, on average*.  Compatible with 25 different 3M Cleaning Concentrates.

    *The 3M™ Flow Control Chemical Management System is on average 55% more accurate at diluting chemical concentrates than the nearest competitive system when tested under laboratory conditions at water pressures ranging from 20 to 120 psi.

  • Reusable, portable dispensers are designed for durability, comfort, and the same accuracy as the wall dispenser with added flexibility and convenience.

  • A versatile and compact chemical dispenser that fits almost any cleaning closet. Choose from over 30 chemical concentrates, change them out in seconds, and dilute with two flow rates.

Four measuring containers show 3M vs. competitor at 80 and 30 psi, with more difference in volumes for the competitor.
3M™ Flow Control has the lowest dilution error of six leading competitive systems.*

*Dispensers tested over a dynamic water pressure range of 20–120 psi.

Make Precision Part of Your Sustainability Plan

You can help bring an environmental advantage to your facility with accurate chemical use.

  • A drawing of a blue and white water droplet.
    Improved Dilution

    Improved dilution accuracy reduces waste and minimises chemical use.

  • Logo: “Green Seal: Proud producers of certified products.”
    Green Seal™ Certified
    As many as 37 3M Cleaning Concentrates are Green Seal Certified, and all are concentrated to maximise value and cut packaging waste.
  • Pie chart in blue and light blue.
    Recycled Packaging
    Many 3M Cleaning Concentrates are packaged in bottles made with 25% post-consumer recycled content.
  • Logo: “USGBC: U.S. Green Building Council.”
    Help with LEED Certification
    Using 3M Chemical Management Solutions can help contribute to LEED certification.

Find the Right 3M Chemical Management Solution
Inaccurate chemical mixing can potentially increase your labour expenditure and impact your facility safety and compliance. Let our 3M experts help you achieve easy mixing, less waste, and potential long-term savings.

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