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Three Reasons Daily Floor Maintenance is Essential in Healthcare Facilities

Hallways, walkways, and other public access areas throughout a hospital have the ability to leave a lasting impression on patients and visitors. To ensure the impression is positive, daily floor maintenance is critical.

When building a daily floor care program for your healthcare facility, there are up to three key purposes to consider: proactive care, aesthetic appeal and potentially, infection prevention.

  • 1. Proactive Maintenance

    The benefit of routine floor maintenance is that permanent surface damage can be prevented, saving your facility material costs in the long run. Floors that don’t receive daily care are more likely to develop traffic lanes and other damaging scratches and scuffs that can be difficult or costly to reverse.

    Being proactive with your approach to floor care can extend the life of your floor, reducing labor costs and material costs over time. Utilizing solutions like floor protectors is one way to add an extra layer of defense.

  • 2. Visual Appearance

    Floors that look dirty and forgotten negatively impact your facility’s reputation. Because hospitals experience heavy foot traffic, maintaining a daily floor care program is of utmost importance. If your staff doesn’t tend to the floor each day, it will quickly become evident, with surfaces appearing dull, dirty, and scuffed.

    Floor pads are a great tool for maintaining a spotless surface. The Scotch-Brite™ Clean & Shine Pad is a two-sided product that removes black marks three times faster and lasts longer than traditional cleaning pads. In addition, the pad creates a dustless polish, reducing labor time and costs by eliminating the need to burnish.

    The aesthetic of the hospital’s floors – whether they are clean and shiny, or dusty and dull – will have an effect on the perception of the facility. Patients and visitors will take note of the state of your facility’s floors, so make sure it’s for the right reasons.

  • 3. Infection Prevention

    Patient room floors collect a variety of dust, dirt and bodily fluid on a daily basis. As a result, it’s important to choose a dusting tool like 3M™ Easy Trap™ Sweep and Dust Sheets which collect eight times more debris than traditional dusters. Eliminating dirt, dust and debris also bolsters infection prevention efforts by minimizing the chances of harmful pathogens in patient rooms. To remove fluids and disinfect, 3M™ Easy Clean Disposable Floor Mop Pads offer superior cleaning and can be disposed of after cleaning each patient room to prevent cross contamination.

    Beyond what’s visible on the surface, cleaning patient room floors is a front-line defense against dangerous infections, and an essential reason for daily floor disinfection.

  • The Closed Loop Advantage

    Mopping systems, floor pads and chemical disinfectants are core products for any daily floor care program. 3M is proud to be a manufacturer with solutions in each category to ensure they all work together in harmony to deliver the best possible results for you and your facility.

    The floor is the largest surface in a hospital, which can make the thought of daily disinfection daunting. Fortunately, with the right products and methods, it can be less time intensive and will have a positive impact on patients and visitors.

    To build your daily floor maintenance program, contact your 3M sales representative.

Taking Action

  • Ultimately, not every scenario is preventable, but risks are significantly decreased by installing safety solutions throughout a hospital. Facility managers have an important responsibility to ensure a safe and protected environment to the best of their abilities. In consequence, taking action to preempt potential hazards is critical when striving to protect employees, visitors and patients.

    For more information for facility safety solutions, contact a 3M sales representative.

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