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3M Commercial Cleaning: All They'll Notice Is A Beautiful Clean.

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Maintaining a positive experience for the customer from the moment they step into the building is essential. The slightest stain or dust can have an instant impact on a guest’s experience. That’s why we’re dedicating our science, technology and innovative spirit to developing the solutions that help you provide a clean and welcoming experience for your guests.

We have multiple solutions for your facility. How can we help?

At 3M, we engineer our facility care systems to be more effective with fewer steps to help you make your facility cleaner and safer.

Find Your 3M Commercial Cleaning Solution.
  • Floor Care

    Creating a lasting first impressions starts with the appearance of your floors. 3M provides effective solutions to help you improve the look and longevity of your floors.

  • Dusting & Mopping

    Daily sweeping and mopping is critical for the overall upkeep of your facility. From floors to fans, 3M solutions will help you consistently and effectively remove unwanted dust and dirt.


  • Cleaning, Disinfecting and Protecting

    Ensuring that the facility environment is clean and sanitised can be challenging. 3M can help you manage your chemical program with the right cleaning chemicals.

  • Floor Safety

    Preventing slips, trips and falls within your facility starts with taking proactive measures. 3M provides you with reliable and proactive solutions to help you create a safer environment for your guest.

  • Surface Restoration

    Maintaining a modern facility requires you to know the latest design trends and refresh the space with minimal disruption. 3M provides solutions that help you refresh your space without costly remodels and downtime.

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Create great first and great lasting impressions.

When your guest first walk through the door, the floor is the first thing that they see. From buffing to cleaning to shining, we’ll help you restore the beauty of your floors with a wide range of cleaning and maintenance systems that are easy, sustainable and safe to use.

  • Clean & Shine

    Give your floors a gleaming reflection with less time, effort and equipment. Learn More >

  • Easy Trap

    Using conventional flat fringed cotton dust mops or a sweeping dust cloth? Trap up to 8X more dirt, dust and sand with proprietary 3M fibers and adhesive. Learn More >

  • Surface Preparation Pad Plus

    Bring back the shine to floors - scrub and recoat using just neutral cleaner or water. Learn More >

  • Stone Protector Plus

    Protect concrete, marble, terrazzo and other porous stone surfaces with two coats of this high-performance product. Learn More >

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