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3M School of Purification

The latest Bioprocessing Education Program by 3M

Discover all that the 3M School of Purification program has to offer

The 3M School of Purification is a program designed by a team of 3M technical experts, with the purpose of educating the industry on a range of important biopharmaceutical separation and purification topics.

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  • What can you expect from the program?

    The 3M School of Purification offers a variety of content and tools, available in a range of formats, to help you learn more about biopharmaceutical separation and purification. Gain access to:

    • Interactive webinars, available live or on-demand
    • Certificates to show proof of engagement with the program
    • 3M Technical Experts to help answer your questions
    • Additional resources to help build your knowledge
    • Personalised training seminars, in physical or virtual format, to cater to the needs of you and your team – request a contact here.

How can you benefit from the 3M School of Purification?

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    Learn & refresh

    Learn or refresh your knowledge on a variety of key separation and purification topics.

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    Improve processes

    Use your learnings to help improve existing or implement new processes at your facility.

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    Free access

    All 3M School of Purification content is completely free. Simply register to gain access.

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    Available in your own time

    View the webinars live or watch the recordings on-demand. Learn when you want to, how you want to.

Master Class Webinar Recordings

Chromatography is a universal technique within the downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals. Its versatility is linked to the ability to separate species based on various properties such as charge, hydrophobicity or specific interactions (e.g. between antibody and antigen) based on the ligand used. But that is only half the story, the matrix on which the ligand is immobilised also plays an important role.

Delve into the world of chromatography with our Master Class webinar recordings, designed to encompass the topics most impacting chromatography in bioprocessing. More webinar recordings will be updated periodically – bookmark this page to stay updated.

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    Bioprocessing Chromatography 101

    In the first module, we cover:

    • The basics of chromatography
    • Challenges and limitations of existing chromatography media
    • What does the future of chromatography look like?
    • Next-generation downstream chromatography technologies
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    Bioprocessing Method Development

    In the second module, we cover:

    • The basics of conducting a trial, including the importance of design of experiment and key factors to note when looking at data trends.
    • Two example case studies focused on developing experience in real-world application.
    • Factors influencing chromatographic performance.
    • Next-generation downstream chromatography technologies
  • Man in lab looking down at equipment
    Problematic HCP in Bioprocessing

    In the third module, we cover:

    • The basics of bioprocess simplification and intensification.
    • Process strategy vs process reality.
    • Typical issues with problematic HCP and its real-world solutions.
    • Next-generation downstream chromatography technologies.
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Ask a 3M Technical Expert

Have a question? Reach out to us directly and one of our 3M technical colleagues will get back to you.

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3M School of Purification Presenters

Each webinar will be hosted by a 3M Technical Expert, eager to share their wealth of insights and knowledge on separation and purification subjects. Read their biographies below:

  • Photo of Jennifer Heitkamp
    Jennifer Heitkamp, M.S.

    Jennifer Heitkamp is an Advanced Application Development Specialist in the 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division. With 40 years of experience, Jennifer is an expert in chromatographic methods for quantification, size exclusion, ion exchange (including for viral clearance), and hydrophobic interaction. Beginning her career at a contract research organisation, she focused on developing test methods using solid phase extraction, liquid, gas, and thin layer chromatography. She then brought this knowledge to 3M, joining the pharmaceutical division to aid in drug and metabolite pre-clinical and clinical sample preparation and analysis using solid phase extraction and LC-MS/MS. Most recently, she has focused on protein analysis with respect to monoclonal antibody production. Jennifer holds a master’s degree in Physical-Organic Chemistry from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

  • Photo of Joris Van de Velde
    Joris Van de Velde, M.S.

    Joris Van de Velde is a Senior Application Engineer in the 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division. His responsibilities are focused on introducing and evaluating innovative purification technologies at biopharmaceutical manufacturing companies. He has supported customers in different global locations, including Belgium and Netherlands, San Francisco Bay Area and is currently located in the Boston area. Joris holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from KU Leuven University and a postgraduate degree in Marketing Management from EHSAL Management School in Belgium.

  • Photo of Jon Hester
    Jonathan Hester, Ph.D.

    Jonathan Hester is a Division Scientist in the 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division. He has a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Purdue University and a Ph.D. in Polymer Science from M.I.T. Since 2000, he has had multiple technical roles at 3M, ranging from basic technology development in 3M’s Corporate Research Laboratory to, most recently, product development in the 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division, where he works on the development of liquid separation solutions for biopharmaceutical processing. Jon is a co-inventor on 22 patent publications related to liquid separations materials, devices, and processes.

  • Photo of Matthew Peters
    Matt Peters

    Matt Peters is a Biopharmaceutical Applications Specialist in the 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division. Matt brings 19+ years of experience in filtration and separation along with an extensive background in analytical testing to his application support work. He gained a deep knowledge of 3M’s depth filtration and membrane filtration products as he developed and performed test methods. Matt then worked as a Senior Product Development Chemist for 3M with emphasis on development of biopharmaceutical purification products. Most recently Matt was an Application Development Specialist responsible for developing the application launch data package for 3M™ Polisher ST. Matt received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Connecticut in 2003.

  • Photo of David Chau
    David Chau, Ph.D.

    David Chau is a Global Bioprocess application specialist in the 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division. He has over 15 years of research experience in the biotechnology industry where he earned his Ph.D at the University of Minnesota in Twin Cities. He is responsible for developing data packages and new product application for novel downstream technology. He also helps to support and drive collaborations with key industry leaders around the globe.

  • Photo of Jana Ninkovic
    Jana Ninković, Ph.D.

    Jana Ninkovic is the Head of Bioprocess Applications in the Americas region of the 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division. Previously, she had roles managing technology development teams in 3M Corporate Materials Lab and working as research scientists in the same group, specialising in biomaterials and animal model development. Her technical work has led to over 20 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters and patents in the space of material science, immunology and pharmacology. Jana has a BS in Genetics, Cell Biology and Development, BA in Physiology, PhD in Pharmacology from University of Minnesota, as well as post-doctoral training in vaccine development, immunology and infectious diseases from Harvard University.