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  • For the last three years, 3M has launched the annual State of Science Index to track attitudes to science through multi-country original research—but this year, we are living in a very different world. Because of recent global events, we’re releasing two waves of data at once, which you can explore side-by-side here: one from our typical global survey, fielded pre-pandemic in August-October 2019, the other from a pulse survey conducted in the summer of 2020, after the pandemic hit.

    Our data explorer tools enable you to view every question in the survey, and allow you to filter all responses by country, age, income and more.

2020 Pandemic Pulse Survey Explorer

The second survey, called the 2020 Pandemic Pulse, was fielded in July-August 2020, about six months into the pandemic. This research captures a snapshot of how science is perceived in this moment in time—against the backdrop of the coronavirus outbreak. These give us a timely understanding of how and why the world’s perceptions of science have changed due to the pandemic and other major economic and social justice developments.

2020 Pre-Pandemic Survey Explorer

The first survey, called the 2020 Pre-Pandemic Survey, was fielded a few months before the pandemic hit, in August-October of 2019, and marks our third year of exploring attitudes to science. It builds on two prior years of research (fielded in 2017 and 2018 and reported in 2018 and 2019, respectively). These provide insight into how the world viewed science overall, as well as science-related topics like STEM education and sustainability, before the pandemic.